Canon Pixma MG2920 Review

My husband’s grandmother is probably the most tech-savvy old lady I know and she doesn’t even realize it.

In addition to paying all of her bills online (my parents, who are 20 years her junior don’t even do that!), she has also welcomed cell phones and iPads into her life. I’d dare say she’s the IT person of her senior-living center.

Speaking of iPads, she LOVES hers and uses it for absolutely everything. Her only complaint is that she can’t print from it using her older model of printer. So, in an effort to make her digital dreams come true, I found what I thought was an awesome bargain for her – The Canon Pixma MG2920.

It turns out that this printer stinks on ice. I’d give it negative stars if I could, but I can’t, so 1 will have to suffice:


Writing a lengthy review is just wasted on this heap of useless plastic, so I’ll just use bullet points to highlight some of my least favorite features.

  • It can’t actually print anything from your mobile device despite the little logo on the box claiming otherwise.
  • Printing is supposed to be done through an app that you download. It is NOT an airprint printer. It doesn’t work like one and its lack of airprinting goodness makes it impossible to use.
  • Set up isn’t exactly easy. You have to rely on counting flashes on the top of the printer to know if you’re doing the right thing. Throw in a toddler or a curious kitten and you’re basically screwed.
  • The ink cartridges use an archaic sponge system that wastes a lot of ink. They must be difficult to make judging on the cost. There are no generic options available, so you’ll pretty much go broke buying ink. All of the colors are contained in 1 cartridge, so if you run out of blue, you’ll need to buy ALL of the colors before you can resume printing. That’s just not OK in 2014 regardless of how inexpensive the printer is.
  •  Did I mention that you CAN’T actually print from your tablet or smart phone?

I’m done thinking about this waste of space. I’m packing it back up and returning it to Walmart as the defective POS that it is. I’ll let them know it doesn’t print so they send it back as defective rather than trying to sell it to another unsuspecting consumer. Jerks.


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