Top Grocery Rebate Apps

I both love and hate trying to save money, especially at the grocery store. While clipping a few coupons out of the Sunday paper doesn’t seem so bad, technology has now given us more ways than ever to save. One way is by using grocery rebate apps on a smartphone. The apps let you upload a receipt image and get a few cents back on your purchases. Over time, the savings add up and eventually you can cash out for a check. Lets take a look at 2 of the most popular rebate apps out there.

1.) Checkout 51 – This app was first introduced in August 2012 for the iPhone. It quickly gained popularity because of its user-friendly interface and variety of earning opportunities. You access the app straight from your phone and you never have to worry about carrying paper coupons. Just open the app at the grocery store, check the current offers and check the ones you like. Buy the items on your list and check out as normal. When you’re done, snap a picture of your receipt and upload it right into the app.

New offers are added on Wednesday and sometimes there are time-sensitive offers that don’t correlate to the normal offer schedule. You can have multiple accounts for each household and once you request a check, processing and shipping usually only take about a week.

2.) Ibotta – Ibotta works similarly to Checkout 51. You have to unlock offers, buy specific products and scan your receipt. Select stores allow you to link your loyalty card too, so offers are automatically redeemed without having to scan a receipt. There’s more of a social aspect to the money-saving app too since you can complete team goals and add friends.

Once you reach a specific threshold, you can request a check. Reaching your goal isn’t difficult, especially if you use the app for both grocery and household purchases. You’ll find rebates for everything from food to cleaners and personal hygiene products. If you’re open to trying new brands, Ibotta can help make it worthwhile.

Now that you know a little bit more about these rebate apps, do you think you’ll download one? What are your favorite money-saving apps?


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