DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe

Today’s post is all about glass cleaner. I’ve seen all types of cleaners posted on Pinterest, and a lot of my friends have tried them, but very few people have tried their hand at glass cleaner. I don’t know why – may it seems intimidating because of the rather strong smell of commercial cleaners?

Fortunately you can make home made glass cleaner that works just as well as the commercial stuff for a few cents and you’ll never have to stop what you’re doing to run to the store for more cleaner ever again. Here’s the recipe:

DIY Glass Cleaner

1/8 cup ammonia
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
3 drops blue dawn
3 drops blue food coloring

In an empty spray bottle (I used my old Windex bottle), combine the ammonia, rubbing alcohol, blue dawn and food coloring. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water, cap it and mix gently.

If you have a really large warehouse size bottle of Windex that you’re trying to fill, you may need to double the recipe. Please note that this is the same as glass cleaner with ammonia so you can clean many things with it and as a bonus, it’s streak free!


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