8 Types of People You’ll See in Facebook Buy / Sell / Trade Groups

It’s no secret that I spend way too much time on the buy / sell / trade groups on Facebook. You never know when you’ll find a bargain and I’d hate to miss a great deal on something my family needs. Unfortunately, those types of sites are packed with plenty of personality and if you ever sell on them, you’ve probably met at least a few of the following people:

1.) Carless Cathy – Carless Cathy is my favorite. She’s the gal that lives 2 towns outside of the area the site is aimed at and doesn’t have a car. She responds to anything free and asks if you can bring it to her.

Original Post: Bathroom Scale. Needs new batteries. FREE. Pickup in X town.

Carless Cathy: Interested

OP: Great, PM for pickup.

Carless Cathy: I don’t have a car, do you think you can deliver? I live in Town-Thats-30-Minutes-Away-From-Your-Location.

2.) Sob-Story Samantha – Sob-Story Samantha likes to go disguised as a good samaritan. She is constantly posting on various yard sale sites to collect donations of items, gift cards and cold hard cash for her best friend who has just been the victim of a horrible house fire. She doesn’t post what town the fire happened in or any other types of details. If you ask for details, she unleashes an even more unbelievable tale about how the family also recently suffered the death of their patriarch, the mom lost her job and the child has autism. Their pet goldfish died in the fire and the insurance company denied their claim. People dutifully drop items off at Sob-Story Samantha’s house, but wouldn’t you know it – the next week ANOTHER friend loses their house in a fire and Samantha jumps to the rescue. Some people think Sob-Story Samantha has an eBay store.

Sob-Story-Samantha: ISO Donations for a friend who just had a house fire. She lost absolutely everything, including the family goldfish! Thank God she and her baby made it out alive. The fire destroyed everything and they are living in temporary shelter, so I am collecting everything. Clothes, household items, gift cards, cash – whatever you can give would be so appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Concerned Individual: I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. What size clothes do they need?

Sob-Story-Samantha: I’m not sure what size she is, I’ll have to check. The baby is in size 12 months right now, so anything from that and up. She is a size 7 shoe. Her boyfriend was living with them too at the time, so I’ll get his sizes as well. Thank you!

Concerned Individual: Ok, let me know.

Sob-Story-Samantha: She says she hasn’t bought clothes for herself in years since she was unemployed due to taking too many days off to take care of her son who has autism. Her boyfriend was also laid off. So, she’s not sure of her sizes. Do you think you could do a gift card instead so she can shop for stuff that fits? Even Kohls cash would be great.

3.) Nelly the Negotiator – As the name implies, Nelly the Negotiator loves the thrill of haggling over price. You can write FIRM in all capital letters until the sun comes up and yet 2 seconds after you post your item, Nelly the Negotiator will jump in offering you half of your asking price. When you reiterate that the price is FIRM, good old Nelly takes that as a sign that negotiations are going well and she continues.

OP: Sony DVD Player. Works good. Remote included. $10 FIRM.

Nelly-the-Negotiator: Interested. Would you take $5?

OP: No, sorry, $10 FIRM.

Nelly-the-Negotiator: Can we meet in the middle? $7?

OP: No, I’m sorry, I don’t want to go lower than $10.

Nelly-the-Negotiator: Interested at $5 if it doesn’t sell.

4.) Nit-Picking Nikki: Nit-Picking Nikki is like the yard sale police. If your post strays outside of the group’s rules AT ALL she will call you out on it, belittle you and then report you to the admin. As soon as you get a notification that she has commented on your post, you cringe and reluctantly check to see what faux pas you have committed.

OP: Vintage Beanie Baby. NWT in protective box. $25 OBO.

Nit-Picking Nikki: You didn’t list a town. You have to list a town according to the rules.

OP: Sorry, X Town.

Nit-Picking Nikki: You need to edit the post with that information.

OP: Ok, I’ll do it when I get to a computer.

Nit-Picking Nikki: It’s in the rules. You should really read them before posting.

OP: Ok, thank you, I’ll make sure I fix it.

Nit-Picking Nikki: [tags admin]

5.) Forgetful Fanny: Forgetful Fanny conveniently forgets the price of the item when she arrives to pick it up. Porch pick-ups are her favorite. She has been reported to the admin at least once, but is careful about who she targets to avoid getting removed from the site. If caught, she claims she forgot. The majority of Fanny’s dealings happen off-site. If you’re ever slighted by Fanny, the best thing to do is to block her because she’s not shy about hitting you twice.

6.) Change-Only Charlie: Change-Only Charlie must be a professional panhandler because that woman has more change than most banks. She pays for everything in nickels, pennies and dimes, exclusively. She will come to your house and leave a plastic grocery sack full of change on your porch where the item once was. Sometimes, she’ll scribble a note on the back of a gum wrapper explaining that all she had was change. You were counting on using the money from the sale to purchase something else on the yard sale site, so now you have to go to a bank and have the sack of coins exchanged for bills because you can’t imagine paying for something in all change.

7.) Big-Bills Bertha: Big-Bills Bertha only carries $20s or higher. She will come to your house and knock on the door to get change made for a $3 item. If you don’t have change, she’ll ask if she can mail you the money and take the item now. She has no intention of paying you later.

8.) Always-Interested Irene: Irene is apparently shopping for 7 families and she is interested in literally everything posted. Camera? Interested. Free bag of assorted gift bags? Interested. Used gum? Interested. The one thing Always-Interested Irene is NOT interested in is following-up. After posting interested, she immediately drops off the face of the planet. She has a fondness for posting in groups with long required waits.

OP: Changing table and dresser combo. Some scratches. FREE. Pickup this weekend. Need a truck as it does not come apart.

Always-Interested Irene: Interested

Someone else: Interested

OP: PMed you, Irene

65 other people: Interested

[23 hours go by]

OP: Irene, are you still interested?

5 other people: Interested

OP: Irene, I never heard from you, so I’m moving on.

These are just a few of the different personalities you’ll meet on yard sale sites. There is so much garbage blocking up the feeds that it’s hard for normal people to sell their stuff. I used to try and sell things on the sites myself, but quickly gave up. I’ll keep hoarding my junk until I can arrange for a charity pick-up. At least they’re on time, don’t pound on my door looking for change and I can write-off the value of the donation in my taxes. For now, I’ll stick to buying and let everyone else deal with the more colorful characters.


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