To The Parents that Didn’t Vaccinate Their Kids

There’s been a lot of chatter on the net lately about parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids. Don’t get me wrong – I delayed the chicken pox vaccine in each of my children for an entire year. I didn’t do it because I was afraid the government was poisoning them or some other similar nonsense, I did it so they wouldn’t have 5,671 vaccines all at once.

You see, I like knowing that my kids won’t die of completely preventable diseases that until recently, had all been but irradiated from the western world. In my mind, watching my child die a horrible, pain-filled death from measles or even the flu is worse than the *small* amount of toxins contained in the vaccine as a preservative. Call me crazy, but

But Jenny McCarthy said that vaccines cause autism!

Stop talking right now. You should not have children if you get your medical advice from Jenny McCarthy. She’s not a doctor. She’s not a researcher. She’s nobody. Just an ill-informed celebrity with way too large of a mouth praying on people’s insecurities.

In the past, vaccines have been more harmful than helpful. Just look at Polio!

Thank God for progress. Old vaccines weren’t nearly as good as modern ones and back in the day, the Polio vaccine contained live Polio virus. In very rare circumstances, that resulted in the child being vaccinated contracting the disease. Emphasis on the VERY RARE part. Today’s kids don’t even have that risk because they get inactivated, or killed, viruses in the vaccine. That means there is absolutely no risk of contracting Polio from the vaccine.

It’s important to note that there are places in the world – mostly third world hell-holes where Polio is still an endemic – where live viruses are used in the Polio vaccine. The reason is because those who get the live virus version of the vaccine are able to pass their immunity on to the people around them. That helps spread immunity more quickly than vaccinating every single person. The live virus vaccine is also taken by mouth instead of in a shot, which reduces cost and is easier to administer in areas where doctors or nurses are scarce.

Again though, nobody with access to this website has to worry about getting the new vaccine. If you have a computer and internet access, you live in a wealthy enough nation that Polio isn’t currently a threat and the killed version of the vaccine is perfectly fine.

It’s dangerous to give babies too many vaccines at once.

Hey, I’m with you. Remember what I said before? I delayed the chicken pox vaccine because I felt that it was just too much all at once for my babies to handle. I delayed the vaccine – I didn’t opt out. I just waited. My kids were still fully vaccinated before going to school. If you’re really concerned about them having too many vaccines and you’re not just looking for an excuse to opt out, feel free to delay the vaccine like I did. A year should be fine. Make sure they have it before they go to school.

Vaccines are toxic.

I really want to strangle people when they say this because 99 percent of them have no idea what thimerosal is, or that it’s even the ingredient in question. Thimerosal is a type of preservative and yes, it’s mercury based.

Fortunately, it’s only found in the flu vaccine now, so you can let go of your pearls.

And before you go opting out of the flu vaccine, your child will get more mercury from eating fish than they will get from the vaccine. Also, the mercury is bound in thimerosal, so very little of it is absorbed by the body.

If you’re concerned about toxins to the point where you’d opt out of vaccines, consider this: What’s more toxic – a minute amount of mercury or a huge dose of Polio? The diseases we vaccinate against can be lethal. Even if you really think that there’s enough mercury in a vaccine to give your child autism (there isn’t, but that’s not the point), would you rather have a living child with autism or a dead child without it?

It’s my right as a parent not to vaccinate my child.

I’m all for parental rights, but only to the point that your rights don’t infringe upon someone else’s. There are children that legitimately can’t get vaccines because of health reasons or allergies. That’s where a little thing called herd immunity comes in. The parents of those kids are counting on you to vaccinate your kids so theirs aren’t exposed to the illnesses.

While little Johnny will probably recover just fine from the chicken pox, Billy in his class who has cystic fibrosis might have a harder time fighting it off. If you don’t know Johnny is sick and you send him to school, he can infect Billy. Billy isn’t able to fight off the chicken pox because of his condition. Now Billy’s dead because you wanted to show “the man” that you can do whatever you want as a parent.

Even if your child manages to go to school with only impeccably healthy children with no underlying allergies or diseases, you probably still come in contact with babies once in a while, like at grocery stores or restaurants. Little Johnny can still infect those kids before they’re old enough to get the vaccine or strong enough to fight off the disease. Now you’re killing babies. Aren’t you proud of your decision not to vaccinate?

I don’t want my kids to suffer the side effects of the vaccine.

Most vaccines have very few side effects. Babies may experience diarrhea or more spitting up than usual after the DTaP and mild fevers are not uncommon either. However, the side effects are nothing compared to the illnesses the vaccines are preventing.

Many parents worry that their kids will be allergic to the ingredients in the vaccine. Allergic reactions normally occur shortly after getting a shot and fortunately, being allergic to a vaccine is very rare. In that case, your child will rely on the kids around them to be vaccinated, so pray there aren’t too many other anti-vax parents in your community.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s really no good reason to not vaccinate your children if you are able to. Giving kids the gift of health is probably one of the most important things a parent can do.


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