Earning Opportunity: Fiverr

For February, I’d like to review another earning opportunity for anyone looking to earn some cash from the comfort of their own home. This time, we’ll be taking a look at a site called Fiverr. If you’re not familiar, Fiverr is sort of a freelance haven where anyone can offer anything for $5. I should clarify – they can offer anything LEGAL for $5. No hooking allowed unless it’s crochet!

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, like with any site, Fiverr has some downfalls and some really great points. Overall, I think it’s a good opportunity for people who want to make a little more money than they can through surveys, but you have to have time to dedicate to it. Fiverr is not going to be passive income for most people.

-Everyone can do SOMETHING for $5, so everyone can earn on Fiverr. Can you write? can you draw? Can you stand in front of a camera and say your name correctly? Good – you can post a gig on Fiverr and odds are, someone will buy it. Not sure what to try selling? Take a look at the buyer requests to see what’s in demand.
-You can buy gigs with money you earn on Fiverr. This is great for people that work outside of FIverr as well and can use some of the other gigs that are available. Perhaps you are an SEO specialist, but you also have your own website and need some graphic design work done. You can sell a couple SEO gigs and use your proceeds to buy some graphic design gigs.
-Funds are deposited to Paypal. After you’ve earned some money on Fiverr, you can initiate a Paypal deposit. Your money will appear in Paypal in a few days, giving you access to your funds quickly.

-Fiverr takes 20%. When you first sign up, you may think they just take $1 of every gig, but they don’t – it’s a full 20%. But wait, $1 is 20% of $5, right? It is, but after you sell a few gigs, you’ll be able to offer multiples of whatever you’re selling. That means a customer can spend $20 for example and order 4 gigs at once. Instead of Fiverr taking $1 and you getting $19 from the order, Fiverr is going to take $4. That’s 20%.
-Customers can be demanding. Some people that use Fiver regularly don’t seem to realize that they’re only paying $5. I offer a writing gig on Fiverr and I’m constantly getting customers that want me to do hours of research, cite my sources, etc. etc. Then, no matter what I do, they reject the work and ask for revisions. I’m stuck re-writing articles in order to get my lousy $4 and avoid a negative review. I had a customer do this to me once, claiming my completely original article couldn’t pass Copy scape. At the time, I wasn’t a subscriber so I took their word for it and re-wrote the article completely using some helpful suggestions from the customer. I then found the original article posted to the customer’s website later, along with the re-write that I had done. They basically used the dispute feature to get 2 articles fro the price of 1.
-Can be difficult to develope a customer-base. When you first start out on Fiverr, you’re going to get close to zero orders. There’s a million sellers out there that you’ll be competing with and if your gig has no reviews, people may not want to order it. Fear not, you’ll get an order eventually. The best way to get an order is to look at the customer requests and start submitting proposals.
-People are constantly undercutting you. Because Fiverr is open to the world, you get people in foreign countries that are willing to do an entire day’s worth of work for $5. For example, there are foreigners willing to write 3 articles for $5 and new customers tell me all the time they can get a better value elsewhere. I tell them to go ahead and order from the other seller then. Usually they wind up coming back, telling me that the other seller wasn’t very good and had trouble writing in English because they’re from _______ (insert name of third world country here).

So, if you have some type of talent and are willing to put yourself out there, come join the Fiverr community and see if you can make some extra money on the side selling your wares. You may be surprised how much you can make.


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