Rant: Facebook Yard Sale Site Bums

I have to go on a little mini-rant here and it’s about a topic that probably irritates everyone: bums on the Facebook yard sale sites.

You see, I recently posted some baby bottles. For free. We’re talking name-brand, high-end bottles that I hardly used. I thought hey – I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to set up a pickup plan, haggle over price, etc., so I’ll just post for free and stick in a bag on my front porch. No biggie, right?


I got a taker pretty quickly, which is great. After all, I wanted them out of my house. Unfortunately, it happened to be No-Car Nancy. Here’s what I had posted:

FREE bottles. Located near Walmart. Pickup weekdays, before 6pm.

My pickup preference was because 1.) It’s still light at 6pm, so no creepers and 2.) My husband is a grade-A hoarder. He hates when I give things away. He thinks used bottles are worth $30 IF I must sell them, but that I shouldn’t sell them because we *might* have another baby in a few years, even though I’ve said I’m done having kids. If they’re out of my life before 6pm, he doesn’t have to see and he doesn’t have to know. It’s a win for everyone.

With that in mind, here’s the conversation that followed with dear Nancy.

Me: Hi Nancy, when would you like to pick the bottles up?

Nancy: My friend lives near you and she said she could pick them up for me tomorrow. What is your address?

Me: **gives her my address**

Nancy: Oh, that’s not far from her.

Me: Great, what time will your friend be coming by?

Nancy: She gets out of work at 8 and can be there by 8:30. Is that too late?
Me: 8:30 in the morning?

Nancy: No, at night.

Me: …I can only do pickups before 6pm.

Nancy: Can’t you leave them out, in a bag or something?
Me: No. Can your friend come on her way into work instead of on her way home?

Nancy: No. She lives by you in the house with the gazebo.

I’ll spare you the rest, but dear Nancy wants me to drop the bottles off at her friends house, since I, “probably drive by it all the time” (I don’t). Nancy doesn’t have a car and I guess I can’t find out what her friend’s name is. I’m supposed to drop the bottles off on her front porch.


Nancy is a real winner. I’m not going to go out of my way (and waste gas, time, etc.) to drop off free bottles to someone. Nope. Not going to happen. Not to mention that I looked on Nancy’s Facebook page and she doesn’t even seem to have a baby. Me thinks she’ll be flipping those bad boys for profit. Double no!

So Nancy, I’m going to not drop the bottles off. I don’t have time for this. Someone else (who can read and follow directions) can come pick them up. I assume if they make the effort to get them, it’s because they actually want to use them. What a thought.


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