Housekeeping: Monday Madness – Bathrooms Edition

Today is Monday and that means I get to tackle all the nasty from the weekend. Having all the kids home plus the husband puts a big strain on the house and the result is not pretty. This past weekend, my husband ventured out into the frozen tundra that is the backyard and managed to track back in a combination of decaying leaves, dirt and snow. The result is seriously nasty floors and even worse looking bathrooms, since he always makes a beeline to wash his cold, dirty hands.

So, this Monday we’re going to focus on the bathrooms. We’re talking a deep clean. However, I don’t want to spend all day on the bathrooms, so I’ve created a process that will let me really clean both bathrooms in under an hour. Here it is:

Step 1.) Take EVERYTHING out of the bathroom. (5 minutes) Toss the rugs in the washer, pile toothbrushes and everything else on a nearby surface. Throw out the trash. Do this for both bathrooms.

Step 2.) Spray & wipe down all surfaces with an all purpose cleaner (10 minutes). That includes counters, sinks, cabinet fronts and the base of the toilet. Quick clean the toilets.

Step 3.) Clean the tub and shower (10 minutes). Get the shower and tub wet, then sprinkle with Comet or another abrasive cleaner. Scrub them down and rinse well. A removable shower head makes this job way easier, but a cup will work in a pinch. Wipe down the fixtures too. Note: This will take longer if you don’t do it regularly and the shower or tub is in really bad shape.

Step 4.) Clean the mirrors (5 minutes). Use window cleaner and a non-lint towel.

Step 5.) Wash the floors (10 minutes). I use my amazing spin mop, which makes the process super easy and ensures that the floors get clean rather than just pushing dirty water around.

Step 6.) Put everything back on the counter or away. Wipe sides of soap dispensers, etc. as you replace them. (5 minutes)

Total time: About 45 minutes for 2 bathrooms.


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