OxiClean Dishwasher Detergent: Where Have You Gone?

While our goal is always consuming less, making more things from scratch and recycling as much as possible, there is one convenience I will never give up and that’s my dishwasher. With a family of 5, the mechanical marvel is one aspect of modern life I absolutely love… and loathe.

When it’s working properly, I love it. The dishes go in dirty, come out clean and save me a lot of time, effort and chapped hands. It’s great. I’ve recently gotten new pans and those don’t go in the dishwasher, but nearly everything else does.

Unfortunately, our water is hard and our dishwasher is picky. I can’t get the bargain-brand dishwasher detergent in liquid form, pour it in and come back to sparkling dishes an hour later. Oh no, that would be much too convenient. Instead, I had to go through painstaking hours of trying different detergents and rinse aids to find one that works for us.

The winner? OxiClean dishwasher detergent. It’s the best for glasses. Other detergents leave a foggy film behind, but OxiClean didn’t. Couple that with vinegar in place of rinse aid and we had a winning dishwasher combo for a long time. 

Unfortunately, I went out this weekend to replenish my dishwasher detergent stores (I buy like 5 bottles of it at a time, typically with coupons) and to my amazement, there wasn’t any. I thought that other savvy shoppers in the area with hard water and cheap dishwashers just figured out what I’d known for so long and had simply cleared the shelf of detergent, so I went home and ventured to a new store the next day. That store didn’t have any either. Now I was confused – there hadn’t been any OxiClean coupons out lately. Why were the shelves bare?

I searched for the shelf marker indicating where the OxiClean should be in vain. It seems it had been removed from the store’s inventory. Confused, I went back to the first store. No longer on the shelf there either…

So, late last night I sent an email over to the folks at OxiClean to find out if they have discontinued the product. I’m not willing to pay the prices on Amazon (5 times retail), so hopefully it isn’t gone and they can point me in the right direction. Until I hear back, I’ll be looking up DIY recipes for similar detergent and hoping for the best. Nothing else on the market can really compare.


18 thoughts on “OxiClean Dishwasher Detergent: Where Have You Gone?

  1. chatleydesigns says:

    Have you found if the Oxiclean is discontinuued? I agree with you completely, this is the only detergent that has worked for us. Have you found a replacement? Please share. I’m so lost as what to do.


    • Amber says:

      They are still making it (thank God!), but our Walmart and every other Walmart I’ve been in are no longer carrying it. I found it in one of the grocery stores near my house, but it’s not very convenient to get and the price is quite high.

      Before I found it again, I did try the 7th generation liquid dishwasher detergent at Target (I believe they sell small bottles at Walmart too) and that seems to work very well for us. They have regular or extra strength and the extra strength is definitely worth the extra cost. We also use plain white vinegar in the rinse-aid compartment and that seems to help too.


      • Amber says:

        Hi Janet,

        The post was written back in 2015 when there was an OxiClean Dishwasher Detergent (4x extreme) that was widely available. It became a little harder to find not too long after I wrote that post and now it looks like they may have recently discontinued it since you’re right, it’s not on their website! So, snatch it off the shelves if you see it! We’ve actually switched to a (cheaper) grocery store brand of detergent that seems very similar and produces good results for us. Good luck!


      • Amber says:

        Sure — it’s called Auto Dish. It’s the Market Basket store brand of dishwasher detergent. My second favorite are BJs brand dishwasher packs. They’re compressed powder packs, but unlike Finish tabs, they actually dissolve completely.

        Edited to add: I also use vinegar instead of rinse aid and bad things happen if that gets empty. So the vinegar/store brand detergent combo seems to work for us.


      • Sharon says:

        Thank you! I miss oxiclean so much!! Only the dishwasher powder, though. Their other products don’t work nearly as well.


      • Amber says:

        Unfortunately, they discontinued it. 😦 I posted a follow-up at some point… If you have a BJs wholesale club near you, they have a store brand of detergent in pod form that’s works just as well for us as OxiClean. As a bonus, it’s pretty cheap! I’ve also had good luck with my local grocery store’s brand of powdered detergent (Auto Dish from Market Basket). The national brands like Cascade and Finish just don’t work for us. Another thing we changed that helped a ton was using white vinegar in the Rinse Aid dispenser instead of Jet Dry or a similar product.

        Good luck! I hope you can find a replacement that works for you!


  2. Joann Sim says:

    Everytime i find something that I REALLY like….they always discontinue it or it’s hard to find. I have well water and oxyclean is the best for my dishes. They come out clean and no spotting. Is it discontued or can i still buy it ..without paying an arm and a leg.?? I have looked in many stores and can’t find it.


      • Amber says:

        I know — so tragic!!

        Side note: I’ve discovered 2 other detergents that work just as well with my water, so they might work for you too. The first is called “Auto Dish” from Market Basket. It’s their store-brand powdered detergent. If you’re in New England you might be able to het it. The other is from BJs (the warehouse club store), and it’s just their Berkley and Jensen dishwasher packs. Good luck!


  3. Mary Kay says:

    They do not list it on that website anymore. I am so disappointed! We have hard water as well and i have tried every other brand, and these crystals were the only product that worked like magic on my dishes. Even my daughter started using the product and saw the difference as well. I would always purchase 3 or 4 bottles at a time. Please bring this product back!


  4. jolie says:

    Thought I would try and find out why I cannot find Oxiclean dishwashwer deterget and fell upon this site. How frustrating. It has been a continued frustration buying detergents that do not dissolve and do not get the dishes clean. Upon finding Oxiclean, I was thrilled to finally find a product that consistently cleaned the dishes. How disappointed I am that this product is no longer available. I do hope they bring it back.


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