Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

I was recently sent a sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps from a distributor/seller/nail artist that was hoping to make a sale and recruit me to her team.

Jamberry operates on your basic multi-level marketing system. It costs $99 to join as a seller and you get a kit full of items including: catalogs, brochures, instruction sheets, application tools, 3 months of a website, 1 sheet of nail wraps and credit to buy 3 more sheets of nail wraps.

After spending 15 minutes looking at their website, I still can’t tell you how much you make from Jamberry. There are approximately 5,385 levels of managers and consultants and team leaders and whatever title you can think of. Each has a set of ridiculous requirements and payouts. It looks like Jamberry puts more emphasis on the “downline” than the individual sales, but I could be reading this completely wrong.

But what about the product? How well does Jamberry work? I tried it myself, and I’ve got to say – I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Here’s a peek at how my at-home Jamberry manicure turned out:


As you can see, I did the pinky finger. I followed the directions and adhered the wrap to my nail, then cut away the excess. It is nearly impossible to do that neatly unless you’ve spent years working in a nail salon. I don’t paint my nails all that regularly (as you can tell), because I spend my day typing, taking care of 3 young kids, doing housework, taking care of the animals, cooking and gardening. None of those things are manicure-friendly.

To be fair, my consultant/seller/Jammer told me that using cuticle scissors is the easiest way to cut the wrap to fit. I don’t have cuticle scissors (surprise), so I had to use the regular tiny scissors that come in manicure sets. They weren’t that sharp, despite being new. Or maybe making precision cuts in adhesive-backed vinyl with my non-dominate hand is just tough?

I did the manicure (Jamicure?) last night and as of this morning, the wraps are still in place. They seem to be holding up better in areas where they are nowhere near the edge of my fingernail. Near the cuticle at the top is where they adhered the least – even though I pushed back the cuticle like the instructions said.

Overall, I found it challenging to adhere the wraps and get them trimmed into a shape that somewhat resembled my actual fingernail. They seem durable enough, and I liked that there was no dry time like with nail polish. I’m sure this is one of those things you’d get better at with time, but at $15 a sheet, that’s a pretty pricy learning curve.

I wouldn’t mind receiving Jamberry wraps as a gift, but I don’t think they’re something I’d buy on a regular basis. Because of that (and my apparent ineptness at applying them), I don’t see myself becoming a Jamberry consultant. Maybe in the future when I have a couple more applications under my belt I’ll feel differently, but for now, I’ll stick with my regular polish.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

  1. nailforce1 says:

    Your kind of right about the levels, there are quite a few. And YES, most consultants push that downline really hard. I personally choose not to push joining. I put my emphasis on customer satisfaction. And making sure that my new customers know the correct application process. It makes all the difference. I don’t think the person who walked you through it shared all of the steps. You say that you just cut the wrap to fit? You are supposed to cut it in half before application and after you apply heat and press, twice, and the wrap is cool, you gently file in a downward motion to remove the access. If you’d ever like to try another sample, I’d be happy to offer you one. Along with a link to the application video that shows each step. All I’d ask for in return is a follow-up to know if your experience was any better or not. Just let me know 🙂


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