Homesteading 101: Adding New Chicks to the Flock

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. The weather finally warmed up, so we’ve been spending more time outside, working on the garden and putting up a deer fence around the back. We’re hoping the deer fence keeps the deer out and the chickens in. Ideally, that would all result in fewer ticks too.

Besides chores, chores and more chores, we have also taken the time to add to the flock. Starting out, we had a 2 buff orpingtons (1 is a roo), 2 barred rocks and an Easter egger. We hatched out a buff/EE baby, using an egg from a hen that had died. Here’s the baby today:


HE is a crazy looking chicken. Yes, you read that right – little lucky is a boy. Another rooster. Fortunately, we got lucky some lady friends the day after he was born. We got a Wellsummer and 2 Easter Eggers. We got one dark and one light EE. You can see the tail of the light one in the picture above. The dark Easter Egger is starting to look like a boy. We’re really striking out with that.

We went the retail route, and in MA you have to buy 6 chicks. The store let us put off buying the other 3 until a different breed came in. When they got more chicks, we went back to get the other 3 that we had to buy. We got 2 buttercups and 1 Blue Andalusian. (1 buttercup and 1 Blue Andalusian shown above)

The Blue Andalusian has never really wanted to be a part of the flock. The little loner pretty much hangs out on her own while the buttercups go off and play with the bigger hens.

Shortly after that, my husband started saying he really wanted a red chicken. I found a post on Craigslist from a lady selling 5-week old chicks. We picked up a NH Red, a Delaware and a brown leghorn. The Delaware was my pick and the other 2 were my husbands. Apparently the brown leghorn will be an egg laying machine, so that’s looking good for my little egg business that I have going on the side.

So that brings us up to 15 chickens, 3 of which may be males. Well, 1 is definitely a male, but the other 2 are only potentials. It’s fun to watch the chickens peck around the yard and interact with one another. Their personalities are really starting to come out. I’ll post an update with pictures when the babies are old enough to do something other than huddle in the corner.


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