Bachelorette Recap: Battle of the Bachelorettes – Night 1

Last night was the season premier of the Bachelorette, featuring 2 ladies: Britt and Kaitlyn.
Now, I’m not going to make it a secret that I wasn’t crazy about either of these options. Britt is fake and relies on her looks to make it through life. She puts on a good front for the camera, but every now and then we get a glimpse of what a true b**ch she is. I can’t wait for her to age 10 years and lose her looks. Karma, baby. On the other hand, we have Kaitlyn. Definitely not the prettiest girl in the pack, but she attempts to make up for it by “being one of the guys” and making some crude jokes. I’m not a fan of her vulgarity. She made a bad impression on me in Chris’ season and I just can’t shake it.

Aside from my dislike of either contestant, the guys this season don’t seem too stellar either.

I have to mention Drinky McDrinks-a-lot real quick. Who was it? Ryan I think. Man, he was HAMMERED. He grabbed Britts face during their “conversation” and also groped Kaitlyn. What a guy. He was calling them hos and everything else. I’m glad Chris Harrison got rid of him. The “security” guard was pretty funny too. I’d like to see that guy beat any of the dudes in the house in a foot race. Even McDrunky could have probably beat him.

I also have to mention the “healer”. I loved the speech he gave BOTH of the girls. I couldn’t believe that… they were within hearing range of one another! The guy is high on his own special homeopathic blend, for sure. It’s okay though, because Britt “really got who he was as a person”. What does that even mean?! The guy is bonkers.

Who else did we have? Oh right, a couple of contestants with kids. The in-the-closet dentist that arrived in a cupcake, an amateur sex coach (I think that just means he watches a lot of porn) in a carpool, a couple meat heads, the obligatory singer trying to advance his career, a stripper, etc. etc.. I didn’t really see anyone of substance yet.

I can’t decide which bachelorette I’m rooting for. A big part of me wants Britt to win and wind up with either the stripper or the singer – either one of which would likely dump her in an instant. She really needs to be taken down a notch (or ten).

So after night 1, who are you rooting for? Who rubs you the wrong way?


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