The Bachelorette Kaitlyn and Britt: Night 2 Recap


Night 2 started off with a bang. Chris Harrison got right to work and gave Britt the boot. She was a little shocked – probably not used to a group of 25 men telling her she’s not good enough. She was really banking on her looks to get her through that one.

Moving on, Kaitlyn spent some one on one time with the guys. The fellow from Warwick that looks like a warewolf told her that he picked Britt. So smooth – no wonder he’s still single! She made out with the Dentist (ewww) and with her initial favorite – Shawn. He got the rose. Then she had the rose ceremony. As she was passing out roses to guys that picked Britt, the musician got up and told her he was leaving to go be with Britt.

He left the house and we saw him chatting with Chris Harrison. Chris said he’d help him, they left the mansion and we didn’t see any more… for now.

So, Kaitlyn finished handing out roses and it was overall very non-dramatic. Until the end. During the scenes from this season, producers dropped a bomb on us! Kaitlyn apparently makes nookie with one of the guys and then tells everyone.

I was shocked. I shouldn’t be, considering the little ditty she said to Chris on night one about plowing her fields. I mean, I’m pretty sure Chris and Britt were making whoopie left and right, but the producers let that be a mystery. Not so much with Kaitlyn.

They don’t show who the guy is because obviously that would be a big spoiler.

The show ended with the musician arriving at Britt’s hotel and running to her room. My DVR cut off, so I have no idea what happened after that. I’m presuming she welcomed him with open arms since rumor has it that they are currently dating.


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