Neighbor From Hell

I’m actually posting in hopes of getting a little advice.

Our neighbor sucks. When I say we have the neighbor from hell, it’s generally an understatement. It appears that after a year of relative peace, captain crazy pants is at it again. This time, he called in a team of landscapers armed with bobcats to remove our deer fencing. The deer fencing is up in a wooded area to keep the chickens in our backyard.

This isn’t the first time he has removed poultry fencing, or even wooden fencing. The last time, the cops came out and said they couldn’t do anything about it! We couldn’t even get the fencing back. They said it was a civil matter because he’s claiming he owns our backyard, so it’s a land dispute.

Apparently the fact that he vandalized the land that was clearly part of our backyard for years and years and years before he ever moved in and that he stole the fencing that he tore down doesn’t matter. Theft? Vandalism? Not police matters I guess.

For the record, we are in Massachusetts. The Cops here are NOT great. They pretty much collect a paycheck and pull over speeders. Don’t count on them if you’re being robbed, being raped, or are in a car accident. I say that because I personally know people that have been in all 3 situations and had NO response from the cops. A friend’s house was broken into and she called while the people were IN HER HOUSE and the cops didn’t come out for 2 days. What is the point of that!??! But if you go 5 miles over the speed limit? Ticket time!

Anyway, what on Earth do you do in this situation? The neighbor is literally stealing our fencing as part of an attempt to usurp part of our back yard. The cops won’t help us. What do we do? We can’t keep buying fencing!


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