Homesteading 101: Broody Chicken Day 5

It has been 5 days since my Buff Orpington started sitting on her eggs. So far, so good. In another 2 days, I’ll try candling them to see if they are developing. I’ve noticed that her jaunts outside seem to be fewer and farther between. In fact, I haven’t seen her leave the nest in a couple of days. I’m thinking about delivering food and water to her to make sure she eats and drinks. She’s still quite fluffy and ornery, so that seems like a good sign.

I’ve also noticed that the broodiness seems to be contagious. My Easter Egger female has also started sitting longer in the coop when she lays and the other day, she just sat for a couple hours on a pile of golf balls.

We have golf balls in the coop to deter egg eating. When I remove them, it becomes a problem again, so they are staying in there for now.

Hopefully my Buff Orpington will keep up with the hatch and we will see babies sometime around June 24th or 25th. I’ll keep everyone updated!


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