Product Review: Evernote

Guys, I know I’m behind the times with this one, but I’m a new Evernote user and I had to write about how much I love this app. LOVE IT.

I never used it before. I don’t know why… I figured it was just another one of those failed productivity apps that were super hard to use and left you with an endless to-do list and no sense of accomplishment. However, I was wrong. I found Evernote when searching for a quick way to make a note on my computer and have it appear on my phone. I wanted to have multiple pages and I wanted to easily see all of those pages (or at least their titles) at once. That way, I could make to-do lists until my heart was content and always have access to them.

I know Evernote does more than just allow you to quickly jot down notes or lists. There’s some button on there for clipping articles or something like that. No thanks – I have Pinterest for that. I just wanted the note part. I Just use the note part… and like I said before, it’s fantastic. You can make multiple lists and even insert checkable boxes to keep track of progress and see how much you’ve gotten done.

If you’re a list-maker like me, you have to download this app. You’ll never forget your shopping list again or have the excuse of not knowing what you need to work on because your computer is in the other room. It’s a great productivity piece sine it helps keep you on track, regardless of what gadget you’re using. Download it today – the basic version is free!


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