Is the MLM Market Over Saturated?

Hop onto Facebook for a minute and you’ll likely be overrun with posts, messages and event invites for various MLM products like Jamberry, Younique, Thirty-One Gifts and more. It’s to the point where if you’re like me, you probably don’t even pay attention to 99 percent of the posts. If you do accidentally click “like” on something or ask a question, your inbox immediately blows up with 5 people offering to sign you on to their team for whatever product you mistakenly showed interest in.

After being invited to join 2 Younique teams, a Jamberry team, an Herbalife team, a Beachbody team and a Thirty-One Gifts team in less than 7 days, I found myself wondering: Does everyone I know sell something? In short, yes. It seems like nearly everyone I know has jumped on the MLM bandwagon. Why buy a tube of mascara for $30 when you can pay $99 and get a bunch of other products with it, plus a free website so that people can buy mascara from you and you can make 20% of the sales? It seems like whenever someone buys something, they start selling it too.

And that’s the trap I almost fell in. A friend posted about mascara and mentioned that something new was coming out from the company. The vague post got me to click and comment, which resulted in a discussion about joining the Younique team. I thought about it, since I do think their mascara is pretty awesome and I’ve been wanting to try their products. An introductory kit for $99 seemed pretty good, especially since in theory, I could earn that back in sales. Perhaps I thought about all of this for a bit too long, because before I knew it, one friend that had attempted to sell the mascara last year, but didn’t have the time, had jumped back on the bandwagon. So did a lady in my local MOMS Club chapter. The odds of me being successful at this just went way down.

So I saved my $99. Success is hard, even if you’re the only mascara lady on the block. Being the last woman in the downline in an over-saturated MLM market is not where you want to be, so I chose to NOT join in and NOT be the last woman holding the rope.

Maybe it’s just fear that’s holding me back. I don’t know. All I know is that I feel like the MLM market is over saturated and with so many people pushing so many products, success for any one individual is even harder to come by. Maybe in the future I’ll feel differently, but for right now, I just don’t see being able to get ahead in an MLM business.


2 thoughts on “Is the MLM Market Over Saturated?

  1. YepThatSarah says:

    You should only do what you fee comfortable doing. There is a lot of people I know a part of younique but I still joined because we don’t work in the same place and I do know people outside of those circles. Having the right people supporting you can help, but not if your heart isn’t in it 💗


  2. corinnelovesdoterra says:

    I never thought it was for me. Just like you, I know LOTS of people who sell this and that. What I could never understand was how they made real money. Yes, I get how sales work, and how the parties went, and so forth. I also supported those whose product I wanted/needed, and I am happy to do that for those I know and love, and who sell a product I want. Inviting me to sell said product was never realistic to me. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the long term monetary gain. And I also couldn’t see myself standing up there for a random product like bags

    What happened to change my mind was using a product that legitimately changed my family. Keeping my kids out of the pediatrician for 2 years has been enough to show me that this one was different than some of the others out there.

    I decided to do the business without really knowing what the potential was. I pretty much just wanted to get my oils free. And I did, the first month. And now I make more than my husband. And what is “work” is truly a flexible thing that I truly love.

    Anyhow, point being, if you aren’t passionate about the product, you won’t really be successful. There is just no longevity in something you don’t love! So find that thing that you love, and you can certainly be very successful!

    Fear certainly could play a part in it, like you mentioned, but again, if you find that “thing” that you truly love, you won’t have any trouble sharing it, and in turn making money.

    That’s my two cents!



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