My Take on the (latest) Planned Parenthood Controversy

Over the past few days, Facebook has exploded with posts from people for or against Planned Parenthood. The themes are common and expected – if you support Planned Parenthood, you hate babies. If you’re against them, you hate women.

The war lines have been drawn and friends have been lost.

I’ve refrained from posting too much about the topic, because it’s a losing battle. For the record, I’m one of the people that support the right of women to have access to safe abortion if it is medically necessary. I am also against Planned Parenthood.

Hearing that Planned Parenthood was piecing out babies and selling them made me physically ill. A liberal “friend” told me that they weren’t selling the babies, but rather “facilitating donations”. Planned Parenthood is being reimbursed for the cost of collection. Whether or not they are only collecting exactly what it costs to retrieve the baby above and beyond what the woman pays for the abortion is up for debate. The organization doesn’t exactly have a wonderful record of truthfulness and clarity.

While abortions are only a small percentage of what Planned Parenthood offers, the fact that they now accept payment from third parties for pieces of aborted babies will certainly push their percentage of their business devoted to abortion higher and higher with each year. After all, why would they accept $300 from Medicaid for an ultrasound of a living baby when you can get $200 from the mother for an abortion and another $700 for “collection costs” from a biotech company? (Yes, I realize the numbers are completely arbitrary, but you see where I’m going with this. I doubt they’re taking all this slack and negative press without some type of financial gain.) From a profit standpoint – and make no mistake that PP is all about profits – aborting the baby and selling the fetus is the better option for Planned Parenthood. Their counseling will inevitably shift towards encouraging abortion since the dead baby is now worth more to them than the living one.

Lets not forget that the amount of money they will receive for an ultrasound of a living baby from someone on medicaid is less than they would receive for the same service from someone with private insurance or in a better financial situation. Now the tables are skewed even more against women in poverty.

If you’re liberal, you’re probably saying OK, but shutting down PP will result in thousands of women not having access to the care they need. So what’s the answer?

Well, if you’re liberal, you probably were nearly orgasmic when the ACA was passed. The women seeking care at Planned Parenthood could sign up for healthcare and get it for free or nearly free then go to a private OB/GYN for medical care.

If that’s not viable (shock of all shocks, medical insurance still costs an arm and a leg even with the ACA and coverages actually decreased? Say it ain’t so!) and you insist that PP still fills an important sector of women’s health, lets at least prevent them from accepting payment, reimbursement or whatever you want to call it for dead babies.

If the biotech wants the fetus, let the woman pay for the abortion and choose whether or not to donate her baby to science. If she chooses to donate the baby, let the biotech company provide the collection materials and a pre-paid mailing box. It takes 2 seconds to put the aborted baby in the collection tube, close the box and mail the package. There shouldn’t be any additional costs associated with this. No money will change hands between Planned Parenthood and the company requesting the aborted babies. This eliminates the financial incentive for Planned Parenthood to push for abortions harder than they already do.


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