I’m a Winner!

I haven’t been posting much on here lately because it’s the summer and… life. Anyway, I HAD to share that I got a pretty sketchy phone call the other day letting me know that I’m a winner!


About a week ago we attended the Lobster Festival in Rockland Maine. I filled out an entry form to win a $500 Lowes gift card. Well, yesterday (a Saturday no less, because only legit places that most definitely do NOT sell timeshares operate on a Saturday), a guy called and left a rather lengthy message on my voicemail letting me know that I won a “large prize” and some other “gifts”.

Do I think I won a $500 Lowes gift card no strings attached? No. Of course not.

I *think* that I won a the opportunity to get a gift card by purchasing a time share. Only time will tell. I’m going to call the young man back and see what he tries to sell me. I’ll post an update once I know!


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