I’m Not a Winner!

Shock upon shock – My big prize that I was chosen for and told you all about before? It was a time share presentation, just like I thought. I was NOT a winner.

Now, try to hold back your surprise here.

When we were at Lobster Fest, the only thing I entered to win was a $500 Lowes gift card. The timeshare presentation offered me 2 plane tickets for going. That is NOT a $500 Lowes gift card. Losers. Talk about phishing for people’s information.

I’m disappointed, but not very surprised. It seems like there are very few legitimate things happening at fairs these days. The prices of ride tickets have gone up, the cost of food has gone up ($7 for fried dough without anything on it? What?) and it’s become a hot bed for scammers and as-seen-on-TV sellers. I think our days of heading to any and every local fair are over… the end of an era.


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