FREEBIE ALERT! Get a Free service on Fiverr! Go now!

ATTENTION! Fiverr has launched a referral program, allowing current Fiverr-ers to refer their friends to the site. Anyone that signs up through a referral link gets a FREE $5 gig!

That might not sound like a lot, but here’s just a few things that $5 can buy you on Fiverr:

-1 amazing blog post article
-Help with Google Analytics
-A Facebook page setup for your business
-A logo
-A banner
-A 30-second video testimonial

What’s that? You don’t know anyone on Fiverr that can get you in on this AMAZING freebie? Fear not! I happen to be a Fiverr seller and I’d be glad to post my referral link:

Boom. Right there. Click it.

As a complete disclaimer, if you happen to like free things and decide to click on that link, you’ll automatically share the wealth with moi. If you happen to like Fiverr and decide to purchase a gig or two beyond your freebie, I too will get a free $5 gig for referring you.


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