Product Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


Today I’m reviewing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Right up front, I’ll tell you that I’m not a huge fan of self-tanners or anything like that because the colors are straight up funky. I’m a proud Italian-American woman and the Umpa Loompa orange of most of these products doesn’t even come close to mimicking a shade I actually turn in the summer.

So without further adieu, here’s my rating: stars

Why? well, the lotion has a nice creamy feel and it goes on super smooth. It’s not streaky AT ALL and if you apply too much to a crevice you have plenty of time to move it around and get it just right. The lotion has a light scent that’s not really offensive, but is definitely there. You know what I mean… that, “Oh, is she using self tanner?” smell. It gives it away every single time.

What I really just can’t get past is the color. I tried the “light” and I thought it looked amazing. It was about a shade darker than my au naturale color and looked super subtle. Finally, I thought, a self-tanner us Mediteranean women can use. I got all dolled up (ok, I put actual clothes on instead of my around-the-house garb) and headed out to the grocery store. I stepped into the sunlight in my driveway and then I saw it. In direct sunlight, the color was just off. It looked super fake. I was so bummed.

I aborted the grocery store trip immediately and came inside to change into pants. After I picked up a few necessities, I came home and hopped in the shower. That stuff is hard to get off! So, on the bright side, if it works for you color-wise, it won’t sweat off. Silver linings, right?

If you normally use self-tanner or have a fake-looking natural tan, this will definitely be a step up. However, if your arms are tan and you don’t happen to have the same undertones as the target group at Sally Hansen, this probably won’t work for you. Your best bet? Pick up a tube and try it yourself.


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