Rules for Buying Items on Facebook Yard Sale Sites

Everyone loves a good bargain and for some, that means browsing the Facebook yard sale sites to snag a bargain from a neighbor. However, regardless of what they’re selling or what price it is, it’s important for buyers to always be courteous. If you’re contemplating making a sale on Facebook, check out these rules for buying items.

1.) Always state your interest. The seller doesn’t know if you’re interested if you just click “like” or comment on how pretty something is. Always say you’re interested if you want the item to avoid any confusion and drama.

2.) Don’t disappear. There are so many people that say they are interested in an item and then drop off the face of the planet. Many yard sale sites have rules about waiting 24 hours before moving on to the next interested person, so by saying interested and disappearing, you’re being super rude. Don’t be super rude. Everyone knows you have Facebook on your phone and you just look like a dick if you magically don’t check Facebook for 24 hours after stating you’re interested in something.

3.) Be prompt about picking your items up. If it’s Monday, don’t schedule a pickup for Saturday unless it’s furniture or some kind of huge item that requires friends and a truck or possibly disassembly. Figure your shit out and get there to get your item. This isn’t the Walmart layaway program. There’s no need for a seller to hold your item until payday in 2 weeks, or worse yet – until Christmas.
4.) Negotiate the price through a PM. That’s absolutely fine if you want to haggle on the price, but do so over PM. That way, the seller won’t feel obligated to sell the item at the lower price you negotiate if you wind up not making the purchase. You never know if someone is selling lower because of convenience or not. Personally, I’ve agreed to a lower price in order to secure a faster pickup.

5.) Ask all of your questions before you pick up the item. It’s not hard to ask most questions ahead of time to avoid wasting the seller’s time if you decide not to purchase based on the answers. If you’re looking for a demonstration on how something works, that’s one thing, but asking if it’s in good working order when you pick up is not the best choice.

6.) Never ask why a seller is selling an item or how much they paid for it. It’s called the internet. If you want to know how much something costs, Google it. It doesn’t matter if the seller got it for less than they are selling it for on Black Friday if you can’t currently get it for that price now. If you think you can get a lower price in a store, go there. It’s also not okay to ask why a seller is selling an item. Maybe they are out of work and need to pay a bill, maybe they are selling something they just don’t use to get something they will use. There are so many reasons that someone would sell something that there’s absolutely no excuse for asking. It’s none of your business. You either want it, or you don’t.
5.) Message the seller if you’re running late. I cannot stress this one enough. If you are running late, even just 15 minutes, hop on Facebook – we know you’re on it all the time anyway – and message the seller to let them know. It only takes a couple minutes and won’t get you put on any buyer blacklists.

6.) Have the exact amount of cash, in bills, ready to go. Don’t wait until you’re at someone’s house to ask for change. If you only have a $20 and the item is $10, stop and get your $20 broken or ask the seller ahead of time if they have change. It is your responsibility to have the right amount of money on hand. Also, don’t pay with change. Even if the item is $1, please please please don’t pay with quarters, or worse yet, a handful of change from your cup holder. That’s just tacky.

Use these helpful rules to be a good and courteous Facebook yard sale buyer. If you do, you won’t find people cringing every time you say you are interested in their item.


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