Mom Rant: Bus Stops

Today’s mom rant is brought to you by our local school system.

Last Friday, the school district published a list of bus stops. My oldest is entering kindergarten and she has 2 younger siblings. We live on what is essentially a main road, so I was really counting on the bus stop being pretty much at my house. That way, the older kids could play in front of the open door, or in my driveway, and I could wait with my older daughter for the bus. Sans tractor trailers, snow plows and everything else that travels down these God-forsaken, narrow streets.

Easy, right?

No. The bus stop list came out and they want me to walk with my herd of children down a busy street with no sidewalks to wait for the bus. Not going to happen. On top of that, I have to pay for the bus. $180 per child for the year because I live within 2 miles of the school. If you live more than 2 miles away, you don’t pay, but I don’t, so I do pay.

I’m basically looking at driving my daughter to the bus stop which is 0.2 miles away because the road is too dangerous to walk on, and I get the joy of paying $180 to do it. Alternatively, I could just drive her to school, since the school is only 0.6 miles away. Wish I had known all of this before I paid, or I wouldn’t have wasted the $180.

And don’t think I didn’t ask – I did ask where the stop would be. They made us pay by May 15th to secure a spot on the bus, but they didn’t decide where stops would be until August. Makes perfect sense, right? I wish I had known so I could have made a more informed decision. Hopefully they can add a stop for my daughter, but if not, I’ll be driving her and raising hell.


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