Productivity Tip: Throw Out The Fancy Planner!

Today’s productivity tip couldn’t be easier – Throw out your fancy planner.

That’s right, the planner you paid $50 for that has spaces for literally everything under the sun? Throw it out. Do it now. That planner is probably costing you time and causing you to actually be less organized than you were before.

I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent over the last few weeks looking at different planners, printable planner pages and apps. They all have different features. Some want you to plan your day to the minute, while others are basically a glorified to-do list on $50 worth of paper. Some want you to think about the future and write down goals, others want to track your water intake. They all have a purpose and some people swear by them, but if you’re like most people, they’ll just be a waste of time.

You see, in the time it takes you to write down what you’re making for dinner, write down that you need to take the meat out of the freezer, remind yourself to go to the post office and every other little minute thing you do in a day, you could literally have taken the food out of the freezer, checked your email and gotten in a quick workout.

Instead of wasting your time writing down every little thing you want to do in a day, sometimes in more than one place, why not just keep a to-do list? It’s easier. It’s cheaper. It’s less time-consuming and more effective if your whole goal of getting your planner was to find time to fit everything in and to stop forgetting things.

Don’t even get me started on the Pinterest printables from moms who have way too much time on their hands. The planner apps? Not much better. By the time you click in 65 places and then key in your reminder (which will get auto-corrected, by the way), you could have already accomplished the task you’re reminding yourself about.

Appointments can easily be added to your phone’s regular calendar and set up with a reminder alarm. Anything you need to do can be put into a to-do list. Water intake? Forget about it! Drink when you’re thirsty and keep a cup at your work-station.

You don’t need a fancy planner to get stuff done. You need motivation. If you find that in the pages of a planner, good for you. If not? Put those skittles in a prominent location and resist the urge to binge until you cross something off your to-do list.


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