Product Review: Papermate InkJoy Pens

It’s not often that I get so excited about something I buy that I have to tell the world about it, but this is one of those times. Papermate InkJoy Pens rock my socks. No, seriously, they just make me happy.


Look at all those beautiful colors! And the pens write like a dream. Like an pinky-purpley ink-filled dream of beautiful writing and amazing organization.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve used colored pens before. Colored pens and I go WAY back. I have this thing about purple pens. They’re my go-to writing utensil for personal use, but I’ve just never found a pen that writes so smooth, is so easy to hold and has such a vibrant color that I had to tell the world about it.

My rating:
5 stars

Heck, I’d give these pens 6 stars just for being the most awesome thing I’ve held in my hands in a while.

Do you want to know what I use my colored pens for?? Organizing my planner! Let that sink in for a minute. I use the purple pen to jot down personal stuff. Red are bills. Blue is for work. Pink is for the kids (2 out of 3 lack a Y chromosome, so they all get pink) and green is for the husband.

I spent a ton of time looking for “the perfect planner” to only realize that one didn’t exist and all I really needed were some colored pens. I paid less than $5 for a large pack of 16 (I think there’s 16) pens. That’s way cheaper than a new $50 planner with all sorts of categories and pages I wouldn’t use. Now I can customize my $5 planner with colored pens and I’m good to go.

Buy these pens. I don’t even care if you think you will never use them, you will find excuses to use them. They. are. awesome. Buy them now.

And if someone from Papermate is reading this… God Bless you. These pens are just… amazing. I can’t say enough good things about them. In a word full of bad people, stupidity and hate, these pens are a beacon of brightly-colored happiness.

Look at


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