Product Review: Apple & Eve Organic Juice Blends


I was super excited yesterday to come home and find that my BFF, the mail man, had delivered a VoxBox. It took me all of 30 seconds to rip into that bad boy. Inside was 3 juice boxes and 1 1-liter container of juice. My kids immediately claimed the juice boxes, so I popped them into the fridge to chill before dinner.

Since I have 3 kids, getting 3 juice boxes worked out perfectly. My oldest went after the Raspberry apple, my middle picked fruit punch and the baby was left with the lemonade. Surprisingly, this worked out pretty good. My son (he’s 1) LOVES lemonade. Who knew??

If I were trying to gauge the tastiness of these juice boxes by my children’s reactions alone, I’d have to say they were excellent, bordering on delusionally good. My kids sucked them down before even looking at their dinner. My son crushed his juice box to try and get every last drop out. My oldest asked if I had anymore. My middle had a serious case of the giggles.

This morning all of the kids were asking for more of those juice boxes. They want to try all the flavors… and I might have to let them.

Apple & Eve organics are (obviously) organic, made from 100% juice and contain no added sugar. In terms of juice drinks, they’re pretty darn good! The kids love them, I love that they don’t contain any of the “nasty stuff” and the sizes are great.

Oh, and I should mention that the boxes seemed pretty durable. That means we didn’t have a single instance of someone squeezing too hard while just holding it and getting juice all over themselves. I can definitely get behind that!

This morning, I decided to give the apple a try. I poured myself a small glass after waking up and found it to be extremely refreshing. Most juices are too sugary for me and leave me wanting something else to drink because they don’t really quench my thirst at all because of how sweet they are. This juice on the other hand, was very refreshing. I’ll be saving the rest of it to go with breakfast this weekend since we have a tradition of making big breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday.

Overall, this VoxBox just reinforced what I already knew – Apple & Eve is one of the best juice brands on the market. Their products are high quality and their flavor combinations can’t be beat. My kids love the juices and I love giving them to my kids. I’ll keep buying this brand and I’ll definitely be looking out for their Raspberry Apple juice boxes the next time I head to the store.


Facebook Yard Sale Rant: I Finally Met The Picky Mom

Today’s blog post is brought to you by one ridiculously picky mom named Tammy.

Now, Tammy is a special kind of stupid. You should probably know that up front. I had no idea how difficult and picky she would be, otherwise I wouldn’t have attempted to deal with her.

Allow me to clarify. I had a ton of kids clothing taking up space in my attic. I had a yard sale and I sold a lot of it at 50 cents per piece. I didn’t sell it all though, and before I donated it, I decided to try and package it into blind lots and sell it cheap on the Facebook yard sale group.


I put together lot sand priced the clothing at about $0.30 per piece. I had one lot of 35 pieces of clothes that I priced at $10. I immediately had 5 people that were interested. Great! This will go smoothly, right? Wrong.

The first person that was interested didn’t understand how to use Facebook and couldn’t find her “other” folder. Let me just say right now that if you don’t know how to access that, you have no place in a yard sale group.

Next up was Tammy. Good Lord, what did I do to piss God off?? Dear Tamy had PMed me immediately when I posted the clothing lot to say she was interested if the first person fell through. She wanted to know if I had any similar lots in other sizes (price wise, similar). I thought I understood her enthusiasm since I was selling clothes so cheap.

Anyway, Tammy made arrangements to pick up quickly and I thought all was well. She didn’t ask any questions and I didn’t elaborate beyond the posting which consisted of a picture of clothes in a box, a number of items, a size and a price. I naively assumed she knew that for $0.29, the clothes wouldn’t be perfect.

Tammy apparently thought she was buying “like new” condition clothing. I don’t know why she would think that given the price and what comparable lots were attempting to be sold for, but she did. She didn’t ask if the clothes were like new or what, she just assumed that they were.

A couple hours after Tammy picked up the clothes, she messaged me the most dramatic message a grown woman has ever sent on Facebook. She said that the clothes were in awful condition, more than 50% were stained (NOT true. Worn, yes, but NOT stained, I made sure of this before putting the lot on Facebook). There were dramatic frown-face emoji’s and she said several times how she wasted $10. She also said there were maybe 11 pieces in there that she liked, but most were not what she thought she was getting with the blind lot.

We’ll just go ahead and ignore the fact that 11 items for $10 is still a hell of a deal.

I immediately offered Tammy a refund because she seemed like the kind of dramatic bitch that would whine to the admin that the BLIND CLOTHING LOT she bought wasn’t up to her standards. That the $0.29 clothing was *gasp* NOT perfect. Since I had several other items listed on the site, I just offered to refund her. I thought she was local.

Turns out, she was not local. She apparently lives a little over 30 minutes away. Immediately, I thought 2 things:

1.) Why would you drive 30 minutes for a $10 clothing lot? She lives in a more populous area and there are way more yard sale groups near her house. I’m guessing she got blacklisted from them all for being a complete retard. If you’re offended by the word retard, I’m sorry. Not really. Get over it. Maybe call Tammy.

2.) If you have been blacklisted and have to drive 30 minutes to buy stuff form another yard sale area, for the love of baby Jesus, why wouldn’t you look at what you bought IN YOUR MOTHER FUCKING CAR before driving home? I mean seriously, even when I’m doing a porch pickup that’s 5 minutes away, I inspect the shit before I leave money. She could have easily checked it out, decided she didn’t want it, put it back and taken back her money. Done. No, that would not have been dramatic enough.

To make matters more fun, I got the distinct impression that she wanted to keep the 11 items she liked and get a partial refund.

I don’t think Tammy understands how these mixed lots work. You put your less desirable crap together with the stuff that will sell and you sell it all at once for real cheap to get it out of your house. The people buying it get a great deal (come on, 29 cents per piece!) and they pick what they want. They can either donate the rest or sell it for a couple bucks. She said she liked about 11 items. That’s still less than $1 per piece! That’s still less than she’d pay at the local consignment shop. Call it a win! Sell the other 24 items for $5 and you’re getting an even better deal!

Again, I just don’t get it. If my items were “like new” (which is what she apparently thought she was buying), doesn’t she think I’d have taken them down to our local children’s consignment store and sold them there? I’m sure I would have gotten more than 29 cents a piece if I had done that and I wouldn’t have to contend with finding a time that works for me and dealing with some random crazy woman.

Anyway, I told her I’d refund all of her money if she brought back ALL of the clothes. Once she was done griping about how inconvenient that was, she agreed to it. Less than 30 minutes later, she had to cancel, saying her daughter was sick and that the pediatrician wanted her to go to the hospital.

I was heading out of town that day, so I said ok, we’ll connect another time next week. Less than 2 hours later, she messages me and says oh hey, I know you said you were busy tomorrow, but can you just put out the money and I’ll leave the stuff?

The woman really is an idiot. We were planning on a porch exchange again. If I was home to put the money out, I wouldn’t have told her that I wouldn’t be available to put the money out for her. I would have just done it. Besides, wasn’t her daughter in the hospital??

So, long story short, 3 days after the initial exchange, she brought back the box of clothes and took her money. I blocked her on Facebook so I never accidentally sell something to her again. I sell a lot of things on those yard sale sites, including fresh eggs. I would hate for her to buy some eggs and then want to return them because she thought I was selling jumbos and they were only larges or something ridiculous like that. From my experience, bad buyers are better off banned!

So there you have it. Some people are just crazy and shouldn’t be allowed in the yard sale groups.

Christmas Budget Check-In

Earlier this year I was posting some ways you could make money online. Did anyone try them?? If you did, how is your Christmas budget progressing?

So far this year I’ve put almost $2,000 into our Christmas budget from Fiverr alone. (Want to join for free and start selling? Use my affiliate link here. I’ll get $5 when you spend $10 on gigs, but if you only sell, that’s cool too!) Obviously we won’t need all of that for the holidays, even with 3 kids and a slew of extra relatives, so the rest is going into a Disney vacation fund. 🙂

Is anyone else done paying for Christmas almost 3 months before it arrives?!

SAHMs that Use Daycare??

I’ve noticed something really cute around where I live. The moms in my moms group call daycare “school”. They use that term instead of daycare to justify sending their 2 year old for 2 hours a day, twice a week.

Lady, you’re in a moms group that has playgroups and everything else. You don’t need daycare school to socialize your child. You need it to save your own sanity. Own that. It’s ok… even if it doesn’t make sense financially.

I don’t know about these other moms, but I stay home to save money. Daycare or school or whatever the hell you want to call it is expensive. I figured out a long time ago that my job in a Chemistry lab wouldn’t go far when paying daycare rates. So to me, it seems silly to forego working to “stay home” if you’re just going to ship the kids off to daycare anyway. More power to you if your husband makes enough money that you can piss it away like that and not feel bad, but I can’t justify it.

I get that you don’t want to grocery shop with the little monsters. I get that you can’t clean with kids underfoot. I get that. I really really do. I “work from home” part time with 2 kids here all day long. I totally understand your plight. It’s hard.

What I don’t get is how you say you’re staying home because childcare is too expensive, but you ship them off anyway. Most of the women I know that use daycare and are stay at home moms complain about bills, how hard it is to make ends meet, etc. I know it’s only a couple hours and you’re paying a lot less than full time care would be, but it just seems so contradictory.

I can only imagine what my husband would say if I told him I needed some “me time” during the day and that I was sending the kids to daycare. He’d laugh at me.

When I’m about to go nuts from the kids fighting, he suggests I bring them outside and let them burn off energy. Never mind that I can’t work out there (because my son… he’s a climber. I need to watch that one!). His other famous piece of advice is to just cram a full day’s worth of work into “nap time”, which doesn’t really work since my kids don’t nap at the same times. Housework? Nap time. Dinner prep? Nap time. He doesn’t get it because he’s not here.

Ah, husbands.

I manage though and without the help of a daycare school because I’m a stay at home mom. This is my job.

So again, I’m not trying to be a sanctimommy, I just honestly can’t justify paying soeone to do what I view to be my job while I’m supposed to be doing it.

What do you think?

Where Have I Been??

It’s no secret that my publishing schedule is a little less than regular, but lately you may have noticed a complete lack of posts. The reason is… life.

I spent the first few days of the month working on getting trained for Girl Scouts to lead my daughter’s Daisy troop. After that, I spent hours pinning things on Pinterest that I’ll never use for Daisy’s because they all require me to go to Walmart and well, getting out of the house isn’t easy these days.

Next up, I had to catch up on Fiverr gigs that I neglected. Good times.

After that it was the social media gig that I do. Learning a new site took time.

This week, my computer broke. I kid you not, I haven’t had any assignments all month from my “regular” job, and the DAY my editor sends one over my computer bit the big one.

My husband (the computer whiz of the family) is working on reinstalling my OS, but the computer is resisting. It pretty much wants to be done with life. We are trying to coax it back into existence. :-/

I hope can get it going again without wiping the whole drive because all of my files were on there and I didn’t get a chance to back them up before it died. I would hate to lose photos, documents and countless work templates in an instant like that.

So cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me. I really hope my MacBook gets its act together and completes the OS reinstall, then magically works again without losing any of my files. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

No seriously, pray for me.

Daisy Scouts – Leader Training

I *think* I posted a couple weeks ago that I’m going to be starting a Daisy Scout troop in my town. So far, I’ve completed the paper work, paid my $15 fee to join the scouts as an adult member and completed my online training. Up next is the face-to-face training that takes 3 hours.

I’m fortunate that I have a trainer that lives in my town, which means we can kind of set up our own mini group and I won’t have to drive to Warwick, RI!

Guys, that’s amazing.
If you’re not from here, Warwick (all of RI really) is basically a hot bed of drug dealers, prostitutes and kidnappers. I don’t know why Girl Scouts would set up a council headquarters in such a hell, but they did. I assume it was some time before Warwick really went down hill? Were they ever NOT down hill? I don’t know. All I know is that I am super super super excited to not have to go there. Super excited.

I will say that I’m a little disappointed with how disorganized the Girl Scouts seem to be. Whether this is an organization-wide epidemic, or just the result of our local council being headquartered in the opiate capital of New England, I don’t know. I don’t have a solid date for training, but supposedly we are recruiting members for the troop on Friday. Right. I don’t know what I’ll need to get or prepare for the first meeting and at this point I think the first meeting will be before I’m even done with training. And I’m the leader. Bravo Girl Scouts, bravo!

I’m not a wing-it kind of person, so this is really screwing with me. I NEED A PLAN!

Any other leaders out there have any tips? Will training really be useful or should I start scouring the internet more than I already am? What about a journey book? Where should I start??

Cleaning Challenge Fail

My house is pretty much constantly in a state of disarray. Okay, I’m not living in squalor by any means and I definitely couldn’t be on an episode of hoarders, but this is not the 1950s, stay-at-home mom sparkling clean house I imagined growing up. My mother was a clean-house nazi and I am not used to living somewhere where a Dorito would dare even *think* to touch the floor, let alone to where one actual DOES touch the floor, and has the gall to stay there for more than 5 seconds.

Don’t even get me started on the laundry. It’s 2015 for crying out loud, why has it not learned to do itself yet?!

That being said, I challenge myself on a near-monthly basis to begin a new cleaning routine or challenge or something  that will satisfy my need to live in a clean house, but not spend my entire life cleaning it. With 3 kids aged 5 and under. Go ahead and laugh now.

Anyway, for September I found this 30 day kitchen cleaning challenge where you do 1 “extra” thing a day for 30 days. Problem #1: It included weekends. My husband doesn’t like structure and planning things that aren’t high on his priority list simply doesn’t work. Cleaning makes noise, he likes to sleep… you can see where this is going.

Ok, so lets try to smush the weekend jobs in with the Monday jobs. And… go.
Fail. My work is so unpredictable. I literally go from having nothing or one thing to do to having 10 hours of work a day, every day, for 7 (week)days straight. Because weekends. And my husband.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that cleaning challenges simply don’t work for me. I need a routine that is Monday-Friday only without anything on the weekends. I need the house to be clean enough on Friday to last us through until Monday with just doing the bare minimum of dishes and wiping the counters down. (hahahaha) Plus laundry. Oh, laundry… my nemesis.

At least it’s still warm enough to use the clothes line so I can get away with doing 3 loads at a time and not have to do laundry every single day because the dryer stinks and can only dry 1 load a day (you have to reset it like 5 times).

So other stay-at-home moms… what is your cleaning schedule like? I have 2 young kids at home that are good at making messes, but not good at cleaning them. One kid is at school. I work from home and it’s very unpredictable. Help!