Cleaning Challenge Fail

My house is pretty much constantly in a state of disarray. Okay, I’m not living in squalor by any means and I definitely couldn’t be on an episode of hoarders, but this is not the 1950s, stay-at-home mom sparkling clean house I imagined growing up. My mother was a clean-house nazi and I am not used to living somewhere where a Dorito would dare even *think* to touch the floor, let alone to where one actual DOES touch the floor, and has the gall to stay there for more than 5 seconds.

Don’t even get me started on the laundry. It’s 2015 for crying out loud, why has it not learned to do itself yet?!

That being said, I challenge myself on a near-monthly basis to begin a new cleaning routine or challenge or something  that will satisfy my need to live in a clean house, but not spend my entire life cleaning it. With 3 kids aged 5 and under. Go ahead and laugh now.

Anyway, for September I found this 30 day kitchen cleaning challenge where you do 1 “extra” thing a day for 30 days. Problem #1: It included weekends. My husband doesn’t like structure and planning things that aren’t high on his priority list simply doesn’t work. Cleaning makes noise, he likes to sleep… you can see where this is going.

Ok, so lets try to smush the weekend jobs in with the Monday jobs. And… go.
Fail. My work is so unpredictable. I literally go from having nothing or one thing to do to having 10 hours of work a day, every day, for 7 (week)days straight. Because weekends. And my husband.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that cleaning challenges simply don’t work for me. I need a routine that is Monday-Friday only without anything on the weekends. I need the house to be clean enough on Friday to last us through until Monday with just doing the bare minimum of dishes and wiping the counters down. (hahahaha) Plus laundry. Oh, laundry… my nemesis.

At least it’s still warm enough to use the clothes line so I can get away with doing 3 loads at a time and not have to do laundry every single day because the dryer stinks and can only dry 1 load a day (you have to reset it like 5 times).

So other stay-at-home moms… what is your cleaning schedule like? I have 2 young kids at home that are good at making messes, but not good at cleaning them. One kid is at school. I work from home and it’s very unpredictable. Help!


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