Where Have I Been??

It’s no secret that my publishing schedule is a little less than regular, but lately you may have noticed a complete lack of posts. The reason is… life.

I spent the first few days of the month working on getting trained for Girl Scouts to lead my daughter’s Daisy troop. After that, I spent hours pinning things on Pinterest that I’ll never use for Daisy’s because they all require me to go to Walmart and well, getting out of the house isn’t easy these days.

Next up, I had to catch up on Fiverr gigs that I neglected. Good times.

After that it was the social media gig that I do. Learning a new site took time.

This week, my computer broke. I kid you not, I haven’t had any assignments all month from my “regular” job, and the DAY my editor sends one over my computer bit the big one.

My husband (the computer whiz of the family) is working on reinstalling my OS, but the computer is resisting. It pretty much wants to be done with life. We are trying to coax it back into existence. :-/

I hope can get it going again without wiping the whole drive because all of my files were on there and I didn’t get a chance to back them up before it died. I would hate to lose photos, documents and countless work templates in an instant like that.

So cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me. I really hope my MacBook gets its act together and completes the OS reinstall, then magically works again without losing any of my files. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

No seriously, pray for me.


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