Product Review: Apple & Eve Organic Juice Blends


I was super excited yesterday to come home and find that my BFF, the mail man, had delivered a VoxBox. It took me all of 30 seconds to rip into that bad boy. Inside was 3 juice boxes and 1 1-liter container of juice. My kids immediately claimed the juice boxes, so I popped them into the fridge to chill before dinner.

Since I have 3 kids, getting 3 juice boxes worked out perfectly. My oldest went after the Raspberry apple, my middle picked fruit punch and the baby was left with the lemonade. Surprisingly, this worked out pretty good. My son (he’s 1) LOVES lemonade. Who knew??

If I were trying to gauge the tastiness of these juice boxes by my children’s reactions alone, I’d have to say they were excellent, bordering on delusionally good. My kids sucked them down before even looking at their dinner. My son crushed his juice box to try and get every last drop out. My oldest asked if I had anymore. My middle had a serious case of the giggles.

This morning all of the kids were asking for more of those juice boxes. They want to try all the flavors… and I might have to let them.

Apple & Eve organics are (obviously) organic, made from 100% juice and contain no added sugar. In terms of juice drinks, they’re pretty darn good! The kids love them, I love that they don’t contain any of the “nasty stuff” and the sizes are great.

Oh, and I should mention that the boxes seemed pretty durable. That means we didn’t have a single instance of someone squeezing too hard while just holding it and getting juice all over themselves. I can definitely get behind that!

This morning, I decided to give the apple a try. I poured myself a small glass after waking up and found it to be extremely refreshing. Most juices are too sugary for me and leave me wanting something else to drink because they don’t really quench my thirst at all because of how sweet they are. This juice on the other hand, was very refreshing. I’ll be saving the rest of it to go with breakfast this weekend since we have a tradition of making big breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday.

Overall, this VoxBox just reinforced what I already knew – Apple & Eve is one of the best juice brands on the market. Their products are high quality and their flavor combinations can’t be beat. My kids love the juices and I love giving them to my kids. I’ll keep buying this brand and I’ll definitely be looking out for their Raspberry Apple juice boxes the next time I head to the store.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Apple & Eve Organic Juice Blends

  1. Kenya says:

    WARNING PARENTS!!!!!!! I actually found mold in the apple and eve product I bought soooooo please be careful serving this to your children!!


    • Amber says:

      Pretty sure this is a duplicate comment, but still — YIKES! I hope you contacted the company to alert them to the issue. We have been buying Apple & Eve for years in all forms (bottles, boxes, etc.) and have never had an issue with quality. It’s one of my favorite brands, so to hear that you found mold is super concerning! Was this recent?


    • Amber says:

      Wow, that’s crazy! Was the juice expired? I hope you contacted the company. We’ve been buying this for years now and have never had a problem!


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