Product Review: BIC Soleil Glow Razors

Today I’m reviewing BIC Soleil Glow Razors. In a nutshell, it’s a disposable razor with a pivoting comfort shield head. You get 3 razors per package and at my local Walmart they run just under $6, which is super reasonable.
Lets just jump to the chase and get to my star rating, since that’s what you’re all looking for anyway:

5 stars

That’s right, 5 stars! These razors deserve every single one of those golden beacons of awesomeness. Let me tell you, I wanted to go find the CEO of BIC and shake his hand after I took the first razor out of the package. Why? There was no “moisturizing strip”. Hallelujah, someone finally listened!

In case you aren’t familiar with my theory, the moisturizing strips on most disposable razors aren’t actually meant to moisturize. It’s really a marketing ploy to get you to buy more razors, more frequently. The strips are designed to rapidly deteriorate in the presence of water or humidity, leaving behind a scratchy, pointy trough of terrible that scrapes you with each hellish swipe. Yet you continue forth with your self-induced torture because you paid $2 or more for that damn razor and there’s no way you’re throwing it out after 2 days in the shower.

Anyway, I was so relieved when I saw that these didn’t have that little strip that they could have been made of rusted, Hep B laced razor blades forged from the tears of panda bears and I wouldn’t have cared. It was just such a relief to not see that painful reminder of why I hate shaving that I was ready to overlook just about any flaw.

Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything to overlook. The razors have a beautifully designed handle that’s easy to hold in the shower, the pivoting head has an impressive range of motion and the comfort shield is rounded, letting it fit perfectly into hard to reach areas. I really can’t find anything negative to say about these razors. They provide a nice close shave, they’re comfortable to hold, they don’t irritate my skin and they’re made really well. The lack of a moisturizing strip means they last a lot longer than other disposable razors.

The next time you’re at the store browsing the razor aisle, look for these ones and give them a try. I had to look towards the bottom of the display for them at my local Walmart, so if you don’t see them right away, keep looking. I know you’ll love them as much as I do, so hurry up and buy some!

Disclaimer: I received my first package of these bad boys from BzzAgent and BIC at absolutely zero cost to me. I HAVE bought them since then because they are just that wonderful. 🙂


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