Oh Crap, There’s Stupid in the Water

I think we have an epidemic of stupid in my town. Seriously, maybe they’re putting drugs in the water or something because the moms in my town that are on Facebook are seriously lacking in the brainpower and reading comprehension departments.

I kid you not. I have never wanted to use the school directory to hunt someone down and bitch slap some sense into them more than I do right now. Completely innocuous posts are being targeted by these mental midgets in the most incomprehensible ways.

Here’s the latest testament to their reduced brain function…

My daughter’s elementary school has a secret Facebook group. Of the moms that were able to figure out how to CLICK THE LINK IN THEIR EMAIL to join the group, it would appear that about 50% of them take everything literally.

Today, there were several posts about how you can donate money to the school through your everyday activities. Amazon Smile was one such post that just confused the heck out of these moms. Some people thought to post on their own pages about it rather than on the school’s group to avoid looking foolish. Right now there are many women in my town that think Amazon Smile is a website and a company that is different from Amazon. I kid you not.

In an effort to be helpful and drum up some enthusiasm, someone posted a link for the Target Take Charge of Education program. It said, “I know there are more than 22 cardholders at [school]! Sign up and Target will donate 1% of your purchases to the school.” I’m a Target Red Card holder, so I hopped over to take a look and sign up. I went back to Facebook and nearly spit out my drink.

The first comment was from someone wanting to know if the Red Card was a credit card. Google it or just use the context of the program name to figure it out… “take charge of education”. Yes, it’s a credit card.

The second comment said, “Just out of curiosity… *how* do you know there are more than 22 card holders?”

First of all, I love it when grown women use asterisks inappropriately on their Facebook posts. Love it. Or should I say *love* it?

Second of all, this woman is a damn nuisance. You know how at any school there’s like the super involved mom, the crafty mom, the crappy mom, etc.? She’s the “only child mom” – aka, overbearing and unrealistic. To top it off, she’s one of those people that don’t think you should ever complain about anything in public.

Yeah, I just paid $180 for my kid to ride the bus and they tried to make her wait at a dangerous intersection on a street full of tractor trailers. So go ahead and fuck yourself.

Fortunately, the OP posted again before I had a chance to chime in. Her response was a lot nicer than mine would have been!

Anyway, back to my original question – what is in the water?? I have a hard time believing that the majority of people in my town are as stupid as they seem on Facebook. Then again, voting records would suggest otherwise.


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