Facebook Yard Sale Tales: The Forgetful Mom

Today’s post is sponsored by one of my favorite types of people on the Facebook yard sale site: The forgetful mom.

I posted a few pairs of kids shoes with a caption that said, “silver, $3, pink $5, sandals $5.” Now, there’s not too many ways that can be interpreted… or so I thought.

All of the shoes were in excellent to brand new condition, so I didn’t have to worry that I’d encounter the picky mom again. I felt like I was doing great and that the transaction would go smoothy.

Insert the forgetful mom. She was interested in my pink shoes, which were brand new and a complete steal at $5.

While arranging for pickup, the forgetful mom (who had just posted on my listing, mind you), said, “ok, great. $3 right?”

If I weren’t paying attention, I probably would have been like yeah, right. Or just not seen the comment until after she picked up the shoes.

Fortunately, I did notice. I said no, the listing said they were $5.


Then she just came back without acknowledging what I had said. She just blew it off like she never asked and I never answered. She didn’t say ok, she didn’t do anything. It was kind of weird.

I’ve met moms like this before, where they try and haggle a lower price without actually haggling by saying, “oh, it was $___, right?”

You know how much a pair of shoes is, especially if you JUST commented on the post. The moms that wait until they are making the exchange to do that are particularly annoying. Especially one lady that tried to get a $10 picture frame for $7 by saying she thought it was $7 and she only had $7 on her. I kept the picture frame because I was annoyed. Had she tried to haggle before meeting up, I might have taken the $7.

What other types of annoying people have you met on Facebook yard sale sites? Leave a comment below!


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