Fruit Trees

I’ve been gone for a while. Again. Not that I’d expect anyone to notice. But, the reason is kind of cool, so I thought I’d share. It’s the time of year where various home improvement stores put their fruit trees on clearance. That means, it’s time for my husband and I to stock up on fruit trees to plant for next year.

My husband has this little dream of having an orchard some day. While we don’t have the acreage needed to do it right now, it’s a pretty great dream. I commend him for it. I would like to have a massive amount of chickens. Some day, our dreams of chickens and trees will come true.

Until then, we’re going to have to be content with planting trees in the backyard and raising our little flock. Gardening and chicken raising is our small bit of independence. We would love to move somewhere a little more remote with a whole lot less rules where we could expand the homestead to include more chickens and maybe some goats. If it weren’t for our massive student loans, we’d have gladly moved to the midwest and taken up farming full time. *sigh* the dream of being food producers is lost because of student loans.

This year, we were able to add about 10 trees to our mini orchard. We have peaches, pears, apples and cherries. We also added a few hundred feet of deer fencing along the woods to keep the deer out. The trees have grown more this year (sans deer) than they ever have before. It’s a wonderful thing to see and it gave us the confidence that we were doing *something* right and could finally add a few more trees. The ones we had up until this point weren’t producing, probably because of the deer.

So, that’s the update. We’ve been planting trees and readying the flock for winter. This weekend we’re having a Halloween party and getting our family photos done for Christmas cards. Yes, we do photo cards. We are “those people” that you absolutely hate getting cards from. You’re welcome!


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