Blogging Challenge (Day 3): Failure

Yesterday I wrote about prioritization and highlighters and all kinds of happy bullshit like that.

Then, I proceeded to fail.

I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done. I didn’t get my top 3 done. Do you know why? My top 3 SUCK. They are the tasks I have the least enthusiasm to do. Don’t you hate it when the things you need to do the most are the ones that inspire the most hatred? It wasn’t even anything I could have outsourced or gotten help with.

So that was a bummer. Now, I’m once again playing catch up.

In other news, I tracked a package I’ve been waiting for and instead of the post office sending it from one state over to me (roughly 20 miles), they mailed it over 1,000 miles away to Alabama. Gotta love the post office. It was supposed to arrive today, but left Alabama at 4am. My hopes are not high for receiving it and I really need it today.

Before you ask, picking it up myself wasn’t an option.

Think positive thoughts. I WILL get things done today to make up for yesterday!


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