Blogging Challenge (Day 4): Facebook Politicians

I’m kind of sick of seeing all of the political posts on Facebook, especially since everyone seems to know everything. Like a bunch of damn politicians – all talk, zero intelligence and completely partisan.

One of my less intelligent acquaintances posted a rant about how she really doesn’t think that there are any terrorists sneaking in with the Syrian refugees, so we need to help them out. Germany caught the 2 bad guys – they wouldn’t try that again. It’s not like they ever do what they say they’re going to do. Paris was a fluke. She says it’s our duty to take them because we’re America. Fuck yeah!

This same friend said we needed Planned Parenthood to perform abortions. One reason is because we can’t afford to take care of all the babies that would otherwise be born.

Are you fucking kidding me? American babies are like garbage to this left-wing extremist, but Syrian refugees with a few terrorists mixed in are like gold? Can we ship her to Syria? Once they catch wind of that type of crazy, they will want nothing to do with us. They may even send us aid – clearly we need money for mental health if she is our representative.

If I hadn’t read any of her rantings about how wonderful and sexy Hillary is (I added the sexy part, but she is really, really into Hillary. Like way more than Bill ever was) or how the terrorists can’t hurt us if we just ignore them, I might have thought she was only eccentric. But then Facebook happened and now I know the full extent of her crazy and I can’t look at her like an equal anymore. She just seems so incredibly screwed up.

So let this be a warning – hide your crazy. Even on social media. I don’t care who your friends are, they will think you are nuts or mentally deficient once you start talking politics, abortion or religion.


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