Blogging Challenge (Day 5): Where is Winter?

I’m not one to complain that there’s no snow – after all, I hate being cold and I hate driving in snow. However, this 50+ degree stuff happening in November is a little weird and it has me wondering: Where is winter?

I’ve heard over and over that the first average snowfall where I live is in December. I haven’t lived here my whole life, so I can’t say that’s how it was when I was a kid or anything like that. But I have lived here for 13 years now and I can say with some degree of certainty that it normally is much colder and a touch snowy in November.

I also keep hearing that this winter will be mild, but snowy. I sure hope that it’s not like last winter where we got record-breaking snowfall in January and February. I’d rather have a little snow, spread out over 4 months than a snowpocalypse in 1 month.

What’s the weather like where you live? Warmer than usual? Dry? Colder than normal?


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