Blogging Challenge (Day 8): Whiny Kids

My kids whine about everything and I’m not even exaggerating. It is 10:27am and I’ve already heard a litany of complaints, including:

  • But I went to school last week!
  • He stole my spot!
  • I don’t want to put the crayons away!
  • Give me milk!
  • I don’t want to brush my teeth!
  • I don’t want to watch that show!
  • He hit me!
  • She hit me!
  • My foot hurts!
  • I said I wanted waffles!

It just never ends. Ever. I have 3 kids and it seems like at least 1 of them is crying at any given point. My oldest is in school, but the other two are still home. I couldn’t put my middle child in preschool this year (she’ll go next year) because 2 years of preschool is just too expensive. Plus, we have to drop off and pick up in the classroom, which is a pain when you have more than just the 1 child with you. The kids with IEPs get to ride the bus (for free) and go to preschool for 2 years (for free), but don’t even get me started on that.

My kids aren’t bad kids. They just whine excessively. Less than some other peoples’ kids, but I guess I have high expectations of my own. It would be nice if they could go an entire day without fighting, whining or freaking out about something.

I’m also sick of being in the house. The stores were packed this weekend, so we didn’t do all of our errands either. I’m itching to go out, but can’t because I have a laundry list of work to do. I can’t win. I wish I could hire a mother’s helper to keep an eye on the kids while I just buckle down and get stuff done, but that would cut into my meager earnings and really throw off the paper-thin budget.

Deep breaths, things will get better. I’m going to break out a good book and alternate work and reading to power through my to-do list today.


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