Blogging Challenge (Day 10): Half Days?

My daughter, like most kids in this country, has a half day at school today. Except for some reason, at her school it’s really more like a 1/3 of a day. She’ll be there for 2 hours. You heard that right – 2 hours. What’s the point? Does the school get credit towards their 180 days of required school days if they have a 1/3 day and keep the kids there for 2 hours? I really don’t get it.

So we had to get up, get ready, pack a snack and a drink and get on the bus nice and early so she could go to school for 2 hours. I can’t imagine that working parents enjoy this madness. There’s no way you could just go into work for 2 hours. The ones that can work from home might get something done today, but everyone else? Forget about it!

Fortunately, I’m a stay-at-home mom anyway, so it’s not such a big deal for me. I still can’t run to to the grocery store or Walmart, but at least I can have a couple hours with 1 less child running around while I get stuff done.

Silver linings, right?


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