Blogging Challenge (Day 14): Holiday Rundown

Like many people, we went Black Friday shopping over the holiday weekend. Like most of the people at the stores, we didn’t get everything we went for and our list was a little less than organized.

While we didn’t get everything on our list or cross everyone off our list, we did make a pretty nice dent in our holiday shopping. We shopped online for the 1 big-ticket item on our list and were able to snag it (fingers crossed that our order doesn’t get canceled like everyone else’s). We waited a couple hours after the madness started and were happy to find that the lines weren’t too bad in most stores – Kohls excluded. The lines there sucked, but the had the most good deals on non-TV items.


One thing that has always bugged me in the past is that my husband and I have shopped for ourselves on Black Friday. This year is no different, even though I said that we shouldn’t do that.

This year he bought himself: A Roku, 3 flash drives of varying sizes, a video game and a movie. I bought myself a coffee maker.

Overall, not too bad. I think there’s plenty of room to surprise him with a few things and the same for me.

Do you Black Friday shop? If so, what were some of the best deals you got?


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