Blogging Challenge (Day 19): Christmas Shopping

I took my two youngest kids Christmas shopping with me today while my husband was at work. It went ok, but I feel like I spent a ton of money on basically nothing. I picked up a couple of video games for our new WiiU that we got as a “family gift” and a special Zelda controller for my husband.

We grabbed a handful of stocking stuffers too. My daughter got my other daughter Hungry Hungry Hippos and I picked up a new pair of cheap shoes for my oldest. Nothing too fancy. Somehow all of that added up to $168!

To top it all off, I grabbed the wrong oil filter for my husband because there was an older (not quite elderly) lady in front of me in line and she would not get out from in front of the register and the cashier had all of my items rung up before I could get anywhere near the little screen. I would have noticed the $3 price difference and questioned it if she hadn’t been blocking my way.

I’m going out again tomorrow to return the oil filter and a gift I’d gotten for my husband online a few weeks ago. I’ll be leaving the kids at home so I can shop in peace. Wish me luck!


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