Blogging Challenge (Day 21): Silver Lining

I’m trying to keep it together with the stress and uncertainty that we’re facing in regards to my husband’s job. We’re searching for employment opportunities and my husband is going to send out some resumes today.

Beyond that, I’m trying to look at the silver lining. We’ve decided we have had enough of New England and until he’s actually been fired, he is going to focus on finding a job in the south that offers relocation. North Carolina is our goal, but we’re open to South Carolina, Georgia and even Texas.

We’re ready for a change and to live in a friendlier, more conservative area. We live in Massachusetts now and there is no sense of community or friendship. Everyone we know is trying to leave and that might be because our town is making some pretty crummy choices regarding businesses that are coming in and taxes that are skyrocketing. Either way, it seems like people are afraid to befriend anyone here for fear that they may unintentionally offend them.

So, we’re looking. Keep us in your thoughts and hopefully this whole situation has a silver lining to it and we can move our family south to an area where our 3 kids will grow up with friends and a sense of community.


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