Blogging Challenge (Day 24): Still on Edge

I missed yesterday’s update. Things have been crazy around here and unfortunately, I still don’t have any answers. Or maybe I do and I’m just waiting? Either way.

My husband did not get fired on Monday like we thought he would. In fact, his boss just acted like nothing had happened at all. I don’t really know what to make of that, other than maybe they’re putting it off until after the holidays?

Speaking of holidays, my husband put in for 2 weeks of vacation around Christmas and New Years. His boss approved it on Monday. That doesn’t seem like something they would do if they were planning to fire him before then. Maybe I’m wrong?

On top of that, I think I mentioned before that I do copywriting for the company. I got an assignment yesterday that’s due on the 14th of December, so I don’t think they’ll fire him before then, but that still leaves a week between when that’s due and when his vacation starts.

Silver lining: I’m down 3 pounds in less than a week from the stress. Guess I’m getting a jump-start on my New Year’s resolution to lose the last of the baby weight.


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