Blogging Challenge (Day 28): PSA

I have an important PSA for all of you people struggling with having others speak badly of you.

Stop acting like an a**hole.
Certain portions of my extended family are angry that other people (not me) are saying bad things about them. Instead of being outraged, I’m just over here like well… stop acting like an a**hole.

Then I realized – this works for literally everyone. Whether you’re the leader of a country or a staunch supporter of a certain political party, stop being such a giant dick if you don’t want people to speak ill of you.

Decide if your ideals, desire to sleep around, monetary ambitions, etc. are worth your reputation and go from there.

If they are, suck it up buttercup – people are going to talk about you. If not, stop acting like an a**hole and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the chatter about you stops.

You’re welcome.


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