Blogging Challenge (Day 29): Planner

I need some planner recommendations. The year is almost over and I haven’t picked up a new planner for 2016. Here’s what my needs are when it comes to a planner:

  • Work (I need to write down project due dates and have a list of daily to-dos, basically. I don’t plan by the hour.)
  • Household stuff (like chores you don’t do every day, bills, reminders for flea treatments, doctor’s appointments, etc.)
  • School stuff (I’ll have 2 in school next year, so space to write down events, reminders about library books that are due back, fundraisers, PTO meetings, etc.)
  • Girl Scouts stuff (I’m a leader, so a reminder of troop meetings, which parents need to be emailed, etc.)

I basically need a planner with a large to-do list area for work, 3 small areas for other stuff, a weekly grocery list area and a space for stuff that I need to remember to follow-up on. Stuff that I can’t put in yet, but need to take care of, like making appointments or scheduling meetings that I can’t schedule yet because I’m waiting to hear back from an email.

So, any recommendations or should I go design my own and have it bound at Staples? If you’ve made your own, what program did you use?



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