Review: Fiverr

I’ve been using Fiverr for about 4 years now as a seller, so I think I can provide a pretty decent review for anyone thinking about signing up for the site.

As a seller, it absolutely sucks. And yes, I say this knowing I’ve been on there for 4 years. You really can’t make a living at it if you’re selling articles for $5 like I am because Fiverr takes $1 of that and you only make $4. That’s a 20% commission and they take that off of literally everything. Have a gig extra to make it extra fast? 20% commission.

On top of that, you have no control over which orders you accept.

I just ran into an issue with this over the weekend. A buyer wanted 6 articles “extra fast” for an extra $5. Fiverr has it set up so that as long as they buy them all at once, you only get 1 “extra” for the whole thing. So I would only make an extra $5 for delivering 6 gigs extra fast.

On top of that, my instructions tell buyers to not order more than 4 gigs without contacting me for availability. This guy didn’t contact me.

I politely explained that I couldn’t do 6 in that time frame and I requested a mutual cancellation. He denied it. I requested it again and emphasized that I couldn’t do the project. He denied it.

I contacted Fiverr customer support to explain the situation to them. They did nothing.

As a seller of a service, I should be able to decide whether or not to take on a project. Fiverr doesn’t give me that option. I can’t decide how much work to take on based on my availability, my experience with a particular buyer or anything else. I can’t deny service to anyone for any reason.

If the buyer isn’t happy, they can decline delivery. They can ask me to do more work, to rewrite an article, to do whatever they want and I have to do it. I can’t say no, I can’t tell them it was already done and that’s it. I have to basically provide unlimited edits and rewrites without getting paid for my time. So if a buyer simply doesn’t like what I write? Too bad for me. I’m beholden to them because they pressed “order”.

The system is rigged against the seller and because Fiverr won’t give sellers the right to set their own schedules, build their businesses according to their availability and work with the clients of their choosing, I won’t recommend Fiverr to any seller.


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