Winter Storm Prep

It’s that time of year again and I’m finding myself home with the kids, watching the weather. They’re predicting a major winter storm to strike this weekend, which means I have 4 days to get ready.

I’m a planner and I like to get things done as quickly as possible, so keeping with that spirit, I’ll likely head out this morning to grab the essentials.

Here’s what’s on my list:

  • Food (bread, milk and non-perishables. Plenty of coffee.)
  • Chicken feed (we would normally go this weekend)
  • Gas for the car, plus extra for the snow thrower
  • Water (We have city water, so even if the power goes out we’ll have it. I won’t go crazy, but I’ll get 4 gallons to be safe.)
  • Paper towels (mostly because we’re almost out and would definitely run out if the power went out.)

In addition to these items, if I weren’t prepared at all, I might also buy the following:

  • Rock salt to clear ice
  • Candles
  • Batteries
  • Pet food
  • Prescriptions

Another good thing to think about is laundry and dishes. Do you have what you need to wash dishes by hand? I don’t have a drying rack, but I have a dish mat. That might not be very helpful if I don’t have any way to dry it when the power goes out. For laundry, I typically do an entire day of laundry the day before I expect a storm to hit. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so for me that’s practical, but it might not be for everyone. If I were working 9-5, I would definitely plan to do a load a day between now and the storm to make sure there was enough clean clothes, towels and blankets to keep us warm.


I also like to bake the day before a snow storm, so that if the power goes out we have plenty of goodies. I also turn the heat up the day of the storm to get the house as little warmer than average so it takes a little longer to get too cold inside. We don’t have a fireplace or a generator of any type, so if the power were to go out, it would only be a matter of time before we would need to seek shelter elsewhere.

On a practical note, I also like to make sure the kindles, phones and game systems are fully charged going into a storm. That way, if the power goes out we have entertainment until it’s restored plus a little bit of extra light at night. Also, even if the power doesn’t go out, we have Dish Network and lose signal when we have any type of rain or snow or wind, so the tablets, phones, etc. come in handy.

I’m curious what other people do to get ready for a snow storm. Do you cook? Clean? Binge watch Netflix? Let me know and give me some ideas of what else I can do.


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