Snow Day!

Today is my daughter’s very first snow day in her academic career, and that calls for some super special snow day activities. If you’re looking to make your snow day extra fun, here are some ideas on how to mark the occasion:


  • Make cookies – There’s something magical about baking when it’s snowing out!
  • Build a snow man – This is obvious, but so much fun! Come in for hot chocolate when you’re finished.
  • Paint in the snow – You can bring some indoors in a pan, then paint in it using food coloring diluted in water.
  • Make paper snowflakes – It’s a seasonally-appropriate indoor craft.
  • Have a movie marathon – My daughter is 6… seems like a Princess Diaries marathon is in order!
  • Play board games – It’s family game night all day!
  • Do a bedroom makeover – When you’re stuck indoors, you might as well do a little cleaning. Make it fun by calling it a makeover. Put up new posters, rearrange furniture and find creative ways to add color.


How do you like to enjoy your snow days? Leave some ideas in the comments below.


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