If You Want it, Come and Get it.

It’s no secret that I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook yard sale sites. Very few sites tick me off quite like our local freebie site.

I’m pretty sure the people that use it only access Facebook once a week, from the library. Recently, I put up 2 freebie posts. One was for a laundry lot (some tide pods, some liquid detergent, etc.). My post mentioned my strange pickup availability and a deadline for when I wanted it out. Almost immediately I had someone interested in it. I posted a comment telling her to PM me less than a minute after she wrote “interested”.

In the 30 seconds between when she wrote interested and when I wrote for her to PM me, she must have boarded a plane for the Amazon Rainforest because she is nowhere to be seen. She didn’t PM me and she didn’t comment again.

No big deal though, within 15 minutes of posting I had 5 people that wanted the laundry lot. One of them had messaged me right away, saying to let her know if the first person passed. The morning after posting, I messaged the #2 person letting her know that #1 had fallen off the face of the planet. When would she like to pick up?

Radio silence. For 7 hours. Since she had PMed me first, I knew my message didn’t go to her “other” folder or wherever the heck Facebook dumps things these days.

So now I’m waiting on #3 to ignore me. I told #2 I was moving on (that didn’t get a response either) and I tagged #3 in the post to have her PM me. We’ll see if it ever happens. I have a feeling I’m trashing the detergents because it’s not worth the time or effort required to get rid of them otherwise.


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