Dear Pope: Tear Down the Walls! (Or you’re not a Christian.)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard that the Pope made some nasty comments about Donald Trump regarding his desire to build a wall on the U.S. – Mexico border. His catty and very un-Papal commentary mentioned something about how anyone that would want to build a wall at a border must not be a Christian. We should build bridges, not walls. Blah blah blah, poor people.

I dare him to lead by example.

For those that don’t know, Vatican City is surrounded by HUGE WALLS. It is guarded and the influx of visitors is tightly controlled. They make sure everyone that comes in gets the back out and you can’t just wake up one day and decide you want to live there.

Heck, you can’t even go visit the city if you’re not dressed appropriately.

So instead of making ridiculous statements from your Papal plane, maybe the Pope should SHOW us how to be the type of Christian he says we should all be. (P.S. WTF? I thought you were worried about global warming. Shouldn’t  you be flying coach with normal people instead of trotting around in your private plane? Take a page from Al Gore much?) Tear down those walls that surround the Vatican and open up that luxurious palace to the poor and homeless. Feed them, cloth them, educate them and build bridges. The Vatican is monetarily rich, but the people that would (literally) kill to live there rather than on the streets are rich in culture, right? Isn’t that what he was saying about illegal immigrants headed to the U.S.?

Oh, and no worries about terrorists or security or any of that nonsense. People are generally good if you just open your arms and tell them about Jesus. It’s not like the walls were originally constructed to protect Vatican city from Muslim extremists or anything… oh, wait…

So to clarify – I’m not rooting for Donald Trump to win in any shape or form, but I think the Pope was a wee bit of a hypocrite when he said Donald Trump must not be Christian for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border and put a temporary ban on Muslim immigration in name of national security. Regardless of whether you like his ideas or not, you have to see how ridiculous it was of him to criticize Donald Trump for basically emulating the Vatican’s security ideas – which by the way have kept it safe for hundreds of years.


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